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Monthly giveaways have ended.

As a thank you for your support, at the end of this month we will be randomly awarding a paid member with a high-end magic card and an Echo care package. To kick this off we are going big, and giving away an illustrious Liliana of the Veil.

At the beginning of each month we will announce the winner and the giveaway card for the next month. We have cards set aside to giveaway through December 2015 (averaging ~20 to ~100 USD in value).

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June 2015happyisfreeLiliana of the Veil + 2 Conspiracy Packs + EchoMTG Token
July 2015elctrbstFoil Entomb + EchoMTG Playmat + EchoMTG Tokens
August 2015nuisanceparametersFoil Abbot of Keral Keep + EchoMTG Playmat + EchoMTG Tokens
September 2015not announcedItalian Tetsuo Umezawa + EchoMTG Playmat + EchoMTG Tokens
October 2015not announcedFoil Glittering Wish + EchoMTG Playmat + EchoMTG Tokens
November 2015not announcedFoil Mana Confluence + EchoMTG Playmat + EchoMTG Tokens
December 2015not announcedJace the Mind Sculptor + EchoMTG Playmat + EchoMTG Tokens

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