Tips on price drops

  • 1. Events that trigger drops: the card gets replaced in specific tournament deck, reprinting, or a banning.

  • 2. It may be too late to off load.

  • 3. Foils generally don't fall with the regular price, in some cases they maintain value.

  • 4. There maybe volume opportunity during a drop.

Cards Trending Down

Cards shown here have dropped 5% or greater in price in the past 7 days.

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MC Name Mid Low Foil
wwCrusade  |  Limited Edition Alpha (Rare)-54%$254.25$247.73 Add to Watchlist
2bPlague Rats (IE)  |  International Edition (Common)-30%$1.99$1.99 Add to Watchlist
Evil Comes to Fruition  |  Archenemy (Common)-29%$1.79$1.60 Add to Watchlist
City of Brass - 1998 Brian Selden [5ED]  |  World Championship Decks (Special)-26%$1.66$1.65 Add to Watchlist
Swamp  |  Tempest (Basic Land)-16%$1.71$0.07$2.00 Add to Watchlist
Swamp  |  Battle for Zendikar (Basic Land)-16%$1.71$0.07$2.00 Add to Watchlist
 |  ()-10%$8.51$7.48 Add to Watchlist
1bbRoyal Assassin  |  Limited Edition Alpha (Rare)-12%$485.25$472.81 Add to Watchlist
Bayou  |  Limited Edition Alpha (Rare)-9%$1,495.00$1,495.00 Add to Watchlist
My Genius Knows No Bounds  |  Archenemy (Common)-8%$3.19$2.80 Add to Watchlist
Tropical Island  |  Revised Edition (Foreign Black Border) (Rare)-7%$454.35$213.24 Add to Watchlist
3uuAcquire  |  Media Promos (Special)-6%$6.48$5.24 Add to Watchlist
Llanowar  |  Planechase (Common)-6%$3.72$2.00 Add to Watchlist
5uuInspired Sphinx  |  Game Night (Mythic Rare)-6%$3.05$2.42 Add to Watchlist
4rrGoblin Goliath  |  Game Night (Mythic Rare)-5%$4.25$2.49 Add to Watchlist

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