Zendikar Expeditions Collectors Check List by EchoMTG.com

BFZx released on 2015-10-02 Total Cards 45 Complete Set Value $0 Foil Set Value $5,153

Zendikar Expeditions's Price Averages and Pack Pull Odds
Mythic Rare Uncommon Common
45 Unique Cards 20 0 0 0
Average Value $0 $0 $0 $0

As of May 28, 2022 you've collected % of Zendikar Expeditions's regular cards, and % of its foils.
MC C# Rarity Name Reg. Mid / Low Foil
25SpecialMisty Rainforest$$342.89
17SpecialPolluted Delta$$307.58
16SpecialFlooded Strand$$243.19
22SpecialScalding Tarn$$238.25
7SpecialWatery Grave$$217.18
36Mythic RareAncient Tomb$$209.25
15SpecialBreeding Pool$$185.27
23SpecialVerdant Catacombs$$182.86
8SpecialBlood Crypt$$178.31
12SpecialSteam Vents$$173.13
6SpecialHallowed Fountain$$165.22
42Mythic RareMana Confluence$$159.11
18SpecialBloodstained Mire$$157.46
19SpecialWooded Foothills$$147.73
11SpecialGodless Shrine$$141.36
13SpecialOvergrown Tomb$$130.32
14SpecialSacred Foundry$$128.28
24SpecialArid Mesa$$126.54
9SpecialStomping Ground$$125.5
20SpecialWindswept Heath$$125.45
26Mythic RareMystic Gate$$123.31
10SpecialTemple Garden$$119.99
21SpecialMarsh Flats$$115.81
39Mythic RareForbidden Orchard$$102.1
45Mythic RareWasteland$$90.45
43Mythic RareStrip Mine$$87.79
27Mythic RareSunken Ruins$$78.22
28Mythic RareGraven Cairns$$68.38
38Mythic RareEye of Ugin$$60.54
40Mythic RareHorizon Canopy$$60.14
33Mythic RareTwilight Mire$$53.11
32Mythic RareCascade Bluffs$$50.84
35Mythic RareFlooded Grove$$48.75
31Mythic RareFetid Heath$$44.05
41Mythic RareKor Haven$$42.72
29Mythic RareFire-Lit Thicket$$40.86
37Mythic RareDust Bowl$$35.86
30Mythic RareWooded Bastion$$35.2
5SpecialCanopy Vista$$34.3
1SpecialPrairie Stream$$31.04
2SpecialSunken Hollow$$30.94
34Mythic RareRugged Prairie$$30.58
3SpecialSmoldering Marsh$$30.35
4SpecialCinder Glade$$27.55
44Mythic RareTectonic Edge$$25.2