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PEP released on 2019-08-01 Total Cards 15 Complete Set Value $0 Foil Set Value $1,264

Planeswalker Event Promos's Price Averages and Pack Pull Odds
Mythic Rare Uncommon Common
15 Unique Cards 1 0 0 0
Average Value $0 $0 $0 $0

As of Nov 27, 2022 you've collected % of Planeswalker Event Promos's regular cards, and % of its foils.
MC C# Rarity Name Reg. Mid / Low Foil
2ww3SpecialElspeth, Sun's Nemesis (1st Place)$$405
4bb3SpecialLiliana, Dreadhorde General (1st Place)$$399.99
1ww1SpecialBasri Ket (1st Place)$$214.19
3wb2Mythic RareKaya the Inexorable (1st Place)$$107.25
2b3SpecialVito, Thorn of the Dusk Rose (Top 8)$$31.6
2u1SpecialMystical Dispute (Top 50)$$27.02
1u2SpecialFae of Wishes (Top 8)$$19.75
3gg2SpecialNissa, Who Shakes the World (Top 8)$$15.53
u1SpecialPteramander (Top 50)$$12.99
1uu1SpecialNarset, Parter of Veils (Top 50)$$12.7
1w2SpecialSeasoned Hallowblade (Top 50)$$12.03
248SpecialKarn's Bastion$$4.4
2wwu223SpecialTime Wipe$$1.77
3r2SpecialExperimental Frenzy (Top 8)$$0
2bg3SpecialVraska, Golgari Queen (1st Place)$$0