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V10 released on 2010-08-27 Total Cards 15 Complete Set Value $0 Foil Set Value $1,065

From the Vault: Relics's Price Averages and Pack Pull Odds
Mythic Rare Uncommon Common
15 Unique Cards 15 0 0 0
Average Value $0 $0 $0 $0

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MC C# Rarity Name Reg. Mid / Low Foil
010Mythic RareMox Diamond$$824.97
58Mythic RareMemory Jar$$68.8
56Mythic RareKarn, Silver Golem$$33.01
11Mythic RareAEther Vial$$31.05
112Mythic RareSol Ring$$28.73
23Mythic RareIsochron Scepter$$18.06
314Mythic RareSword of Body and Mind$$15.63
14Mythic RareIvory Tower$$9.98
47Mythic RareMasticore$$7.6
45Mythic RareJester's Cap$$7.18
12Mythic RareBlack Vise$$5.58
015Mythic RareZuran Orb$$4.79
813Mythic RareSundering Titan$$3.29
411Mythic RareNevinyrral's Disk$$3.07
59Mythic RareMirari$$2.97