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V13 released on 2013-08-23 Total Cards 20 Complete Set Value $0 Foil Set Value $193

From the Vault: Twenty's Price Averages and Pack Pull Odds
Mythic Rare Uncommon Common
20 Unique Cards 20 0 0 0
Average Value $0 $0 $0 $0

As of Sep 20, 2021 you've collected % of From the Vault: Twenty's regular cards, and % of its foils.
MC C# Rarity Name Reg. Mid / Low Foil
2uu18Mythic RareJace, the Mind Sculptor$$63.62
xg19Mythic RareGreen Sun's Zenith$$30.14
4bb13Mythic RareInk-Eyes, Servant of Oni$$16.84
38Mythic RareTangle Wire$$15.92
512Mythic RareGilded Lotus$$9.86
2uu15Mythic RareVenser, Shaper Savant$$8.79
w2Mythic RareSwords to Plowshares$$7.61
g4Mythic RareFyndhorn Elves$$5.61
47Mythic RareThran Dynamo$$5.42
b1Mythic RareDark Ritual$$4.99
2gg16Mythic RareChameleon Colossus$$4.66
20Mythic RareKessig Wolf Run$$3.92
1b10Mythic RareChainer's Edict$$3.42
bb3Mythic RareHymn to Tourach$$3.34
uubbbrr17Mythic RareCruel Ultimatum$$2.1
1u5Mythic RareImpulse$$1.78
3u9Mythic RareFact or Fiction$$1.69
1g6Mythic RareWall of Blossoms$$1.5
4ww11Mythic RareAkroma's Vengeance$$1.08
2r14Mythic RareChar$$0.61