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V15 released on 2015-03-22 Total Cards 15 Complete Set Value $0 Foil Set Value $100

From the Vault: Angels's Price Averages and Pack Pull Odds
Rare Uncommon Common
15 Unique Cards 0 0 0
Average Value $0 $0 $0

As of Feb 05, 2023 you've collected % of From the Vault: Angels's regular cards, and % of its foils.
MC C# Rarity Name Reg. Mid / Low Foil
5wwwSpecialAvacyn, Angel of Hope$$48.4
2rrwwSpecialAurelia, the Warleader$$11.13
7SpecialPlatinum Angel$$8.73
6wwwSpecialIona, Shield of Emeria$$7.14
4wwSpecialExalted Angel$$4.05
5wwwSpecialAkroma, Angel of Wrath$$3.81
5rrrSpecialAkroma, Angel of Fury$$3.55
3wwSpecialBaneslayer Angel$$2.77
xxwwwSpecialEntreat the Angels$$2.69
3wwSpecialSerra Angel$$2.08
4wbrSpecialTariel, Reckoner of Souls$$1.83
gwuSpecialJenara, Asura of War$$1.23
5wuSpecialIridescent Angel$$1.03
5wwSpecialArchangel of Strife$$0.77
1wruSpecialLightning Angel$$0.51