JSS/MSS Promos Collectors Check List by EchoMTG.com

As of Nov 30, 2022 you've collected % of JSS/MSS Promos's regular cards, and % of its foils.
MC C# Rarity Name Reg. Mid / Low Foil
1SpecialCity of Brass$$504.97
1gg2SpecialElvish Champion (Junior Series)$$154.5
4www45Mythic RareSerra Avatar$$89.27
329SpecialThran Quarry$$68.27
uu1SpecialLord of Atlantis$$60.49
1ww1SpecialGlorious Anthem (Junior Series)$$54.91
1gg2SpecialElvish Champion (Scholarship Series)$$54.74
1gg2SpecialElvish Champion (Japan Junior Tournament)$$45
1bb2SpecialRoyal Assassin (Junior Series)$$27.55
2b3SpecialMad Auntie$$24.55
1g1SpecialSakura-Tribe Elder$$18.85
1ww1Mythic RareGlorious Anthem (Scholarship Series)$$18.82
4r2SpecialShard Phoenix (Junior Series)$$16.92
4rr2Mythic RareTwo-Headed Dragon (Super Series)$$9.99
1r1Mythic RareVolcanic Hammer (Super Series)$$8.99
rr1SpecialSlith Firewalker (Super Series)$6.42 / $1$4.24
g1SpecialElvish Lyrist$$5.7
ww1SpecialSoltari Priest (Scholarship Series)$$3.86
g1SpecialGiant Growth (Super Series)$$3.07
ww1SpecialSoltari Priest (APAC Series)$$2.5
ww1SpecialSoltari Priest (Junior Series)$$2.43
rr1SpecialSlith Firewalker (Junior Series)$$0.84
gg2Mythic RareWhirling Dervish (Junior Series$$0.71
1gg2SpecialElvish Champion (APAC Series)$$
1ww1SpecialGlorious Anthem (APAC Series)$$
ww1SpecialSoltari Priest (Japan Junior Series)$$
1r1SpecialVolcanic Hammer (Japan Junior Tournament)$$