Special Occasion Collectors Check List by EchoMTG.com

As of Sep 27, 2021 you've collected % of Special Occasion's regular cards, and % of its foils.
MC C# Rarity Name Reg. Mid / Low Foil
3u7SpecialGifts Given $$400.98
rrrrSpecialSeason's Beatings$$219.99
2wwSpecialSnow Mercy$$170
2bbSpecialEvil Presents$$167.95
1ggSpecialFruitcake Elemental$$149.61
1bbSpecialNaughty // Nice$$127.22
2rgSpecialYule Ooze$$125.98
5SpecialStocking Tiger$$116
SpecialMishra's Toy Workshop$$102.49
3rw001Mythic RareTopdeck the Halls$$86.63
2uuSpecialThopter Pie Network$$68.32
3u001SpecialDecorated Knight$$61.53
1b1SpecialBog Humbugs$$50.42
1rSpecialGoblin Sleigh Ride$$44.17
b1Mythic RareSome Disassembly Required$$37.66