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Zendikar Expeditions - BFZx

MTG Zendikar Expeditions was released on 2015-10-02 with 45 unique cards.

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Name Rarity C# Change Reg. Price Foil Price
Misty RainforestSpecial25$320.06
Polluted DeltaSpecial17$280.35
Scalding TarnSpecial6$232.01
Flooded StrandSpecial16$206.65
Watery GraveSpecial7$196.83
Verdant CatacombsSpecial23$196.61
Breeding PoolSpecial15$172.46
Hallowed FountainSpecial6$170.17
Ancient TombMythic Rare36$166.53
Mana ConfluenceMythic Rare42$158.48
Blood CryptSpecial8$156.56
Steam VentsSpecial12$142.41
Overgrown TombSpecial13$138.47
Stomping GroundSpecial7$131.15
Bloodstained MireSpecial18$127.63
Godless ShrineSpecial11$125.87
Temple GardenSpecial10$115.24
Wooded FoothillsSpecial19$114.25
Strip MineMythic Rare43$111.87
Arid MesaSpecial24$111.1
Marsh FlatsSpecial21$106.16
Windswept HeathSpecial20$100.05
WastelandMythic Rare45$98.96
Sacred FoundrySpecial14$90.85
Forbidden OrchardMythic Rare39$84.47
Sunken RuinsMythic Rare27$79.69
Horizon CanopyMythic Rare40$65.53
Mystic GateMythic Rare26$61.08
Eye of UginMythic Rare38$52.24
Flooded GroveMythic Rare33$51.78
Fire-Lit ThicketMythic Rare27$47.92
Cascade BluffsMythic Rare32$45.4
Dust BowlMythic Rare37$44.25
Wooded BastionMythic Rare30$43.35
Prairie StreamSpecial1$41.13
Cinder GladeSpecial3$38.17
Fetid HeathMythic Rare31$37.54
Kor HavenMythic Rare41$36.74
Twilight MireMythic Rare33$36.03
Graven CairnsMythic Rare27$34.42
Sunken HollowSpecial2$31.47
Rugged PrairieMythic Rare34$31.15
Smoldering MarshSpecial2$30.28
Canopy VistaSpecial5$29.23
Tectonic EdgeMythic Rare44$28.37

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Zendikar Expeditions Averages and Pull Odds

Mythic Rare Uncommon Common
45 Unique Cards 20 0 0 0
Average Value $0 $0 $0 $0

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