Total Cards 15
Complete Set Value $0
Foil Set Value $816.57
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Released on 2010-08-27 V10

Cards Gaining Value

Cards Losing Value

From the Vault: Relics Averages and Pull Odds

Mythic Rare Uncommon Common
15 Unique Cards 15 0 0 0
Average Value $0 $0 $0 $0

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From the Vault: Relics Price List

MC Rarity Name Mid / Low Foil
0Mythic RareMox Diamond $594.01
5Mythic RareMemory Jar $62.40
1Mythic RareSol Ring $42.74
1Mythic RareAEther Vial $35.00
2Mythic RareIsochron Scepter $19.00
3Mythic RareSword of Body and Mind $18.00
5Mythic RareKarn, Silver Golem $13.99
0Mythic RareZuran Orb $9.82
4Mythic RareNevinyrral's Disk $5.39
1Mythic RareIvory Tower $4.09
4Mythic RareJester's Cap $3.74
1Mythic RareBlack Vise $2.66
8Mythic RareSundering Titan $2.05
4Mythic RareMasticore $1.90
5Mythic RareMirari $1.78

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