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MTG AFR Ampersand Promos was released on 2021-07-23 with 80 unique cards.

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Name Rarity C# Change Reg. Price Foil Price
2wubrgTiamatMythic Rare235$871.98
4rrInferno of the Star MountsMythic Rare151$223.66
5ggOld GnawboneMythic Rare197$214.93
uuuuDemilichMythic Rare53$200.99
2wwIcingdeath, Frost TyrantMythic Rare20$199.98
Den of the BugbearRare254$144.07
3bbLolth, Spider QueenMythic Rare112$133.72
Treasure VaultRare261$131.05
3gwDrizzt Do'UrdenRare220$128.5
3uuIymrith, Desert DoomMythic Rare62$112.5
Hall of Storm GiantsRare257$112.4
gggCircle of Dreams DruidRare176$105.49
4uuMordenkainenMythic Rare64$102.49
2wwGrand Master of FlowersMythic Rare17$87.98
2bbEbondeath, DracolichMythic Rare100$84.36
2ggEllywick TumblestrumMythic Rare181$81.92
1uuTasha's Hideous LaughterRare78$81.58
2bAcererak the ArchlichMythic Rare87$79.87
rgwMinsc, Beloved RangerMythic Rare227$78.6
wwwThe Book of Exalted DeedsMythic Rare4$77.47
2guVolo, Guide to MonstersRare238$76.65
1wOswald FiddlebenderRare28$73.5
rgAsmodeus the ArchfiendRare88$72.36
3rwAdult Gold DragonRare216$66.73
6gggThe TarrasqueMythic Rare207$57.14
2rrZariel, Archduke of AvernusMythic Rare172$55.47
3Treasure ChestRare252$53.71
1gRanger ClassRare202$53.47
xrrrMeteor SwarmRare155$52.25
bVorpal SwordRare124$50.31
4ubXanathar, Guild KingpinMythic Rare239$49.38
Lair of the HydraRare259$48.88
5The Deck of Many ThingsMythic Rare241$46.69
3rDelina, Wild MageRare138$46.46
1rOrb of DragonkindRare157$46.1
1rrFlameskullMythic Rare143$45.92
1wwGuardian of FaithRare18$44.49
rwFighter ClassRare222$44
1rrHobgoblin Bandit LordRare147$43.64
wPaladin ClassRare29$43.53
Cave of the Frost DragonRare253$43.37
3wTeleportation CircleRare39$41.99
2Eye of VecnaRare243$41.72
3uuMind FlayerRare63$40
5uuWizard's SpellbookRare82$39.53
2wNadaar, Selfless PaladinRare27$39.4
uThe Blackstaff of WaterdeepRare48$38.91
Hive of the Eye TyrantRare258$38.4
xbSphere of AnnihilationRare121$38.38
xgggLong RestRare193$38
x2brOrcus, Prince of UndeathRare229$36.96
1uuGrazilaxx, Illithid ScholarRare60$35.26
ubRogue ClassRare230$33.99
3bbWestgate RegentRare126$33.96
3bgSkeletal SwarmingRare232$32.97
xgOchre JellyRare197$32.5
bForsworn PaladinRare104$31.96
ggWerewolf Pack LeaderRare211$29.97
1wLoyal WarhoundRare23$27.38
bbbThe Book of Vile DarknessMythic Rare91$27
rgBard ClassRare217$26.86
2bbGelatinous CubeRare105$25.54
urSorcerer ClassRare233$25.22
wbTriumphant AdventurerRare237$24.65
1ggVaris, Silverymoon RangerRare209$24.41
1wDancing SwordRare8$23.42
3Hand of VecnaRare246$22.97
gInstrument of the BardsRare190$21.99
1uuDragon TurtleRare56$21.66
rMinion of the MightyRare156$21.58
3rrZalto, Fire Giant DukeRare171$21.55
1uYuan-Ti MalisonRare86$20.78
Dungeon DescentRare255$19.98
wuMonk ClassRare228$19.81
4uuTrue PolymorphRare80$18.59

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AFR Ampersand Promos Cards Gaining Value

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AFR Ampersand Promos Averages and Pull Odds

Mythic Rare Uncommon Common
80 Unique Cards 20 60 0 0
Average Value $0 $0 $0 $0
Average Foil Value $141.60 $45.29 $0 $0

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