Launch Party Cards Prices List

pLPA released on 2008-02-01

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Launch Party Cards Price List

MC Rarity Name Mid / Low Foil
R/GR/GSpecialVexing Shusher $11.12 / $9.99 $15.52
SpecialValakut, the Molten Pinnacle $8.98
3U/PSpecialPhyrexian Metamorph $8.25
gSpecialJoraga Warcaller $3.19
3wSpecialRestoration Angel $2.62 / $1.39 $5.55
6SpecialSteel Hellkite $2.33
R/WSpecialFigure of Destiny $1.68
6SpecialObelisk of Alara $0.92
1uSpecialLudevic's Test Subject $0.86
2gwSpecialKnight of New Alara $0.80
3ggSpecialAnt Queen $0.79
6SpecialThopter Assembly $0.73
3rSpecialLord of Shatterskull Pass $0.72
3bbSpecialEarwig Squad $0.70
2uu?Identity Thief $0.70
3rSpecialMondronen Shaman $0.67
4brSpecialBreaking // Entering $0.60
5ggSpecialGarruk's Horde $0.50
2uuSpecialBident of Thassa $0.49
7bbSpecialIn Garruk's Wake $0.49
4rrrSpecialAncient Hellkite $0.47
6ggSpecialSkarrg Goliath $0.44
2ggSpecialDeadbridge Goliath $0.37
4uu?Saheeli's Artistry $0.34
3rrSpecialDictate of the Twin Gods $0.29
SpecialTovolar's Magehunter
SpecialLudevic's Abomination

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