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MTG Launch Party & Release Event Promos was released on 1996-07-26 with 108 unique cards.

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Name Rarity C# Change Reg. Price Foil Price
Valakut, the Molten PinnacleSpecial228$24.58
3uToothy, Imaginary FriendRare12$21.02
4uuWill KenrithMythic Rare255$15.41
2gPir, Imaginative RascalRare11$15.38
gJoraga WarcallerSpecial106$14.5
Marit Lage TokenTokenT1$11.76
4bKrav, the UnredeemedRare4$10.27
ggggVexing ShusherSpecial222$9.59
3bbbBolas's CitadelSpecial79$9.59
4rrRowan KenrithMythic Rare256$9.16
5wRegna, the RedeemerRare003$8.37
3Phyrexian pPhyrexian MetamorphRare42$8
4uZndrsplt, Eye of WisdomRare005$7.78
2wSylvia BrightspearRare010$6.24
4rOkaun, Eye of ChaosRare006$5.94
Swamp - Orzhov (B04)SpecialB04$5.9
Lotus BloomRare411$5.86
xgggChord of CallingSpecial384$5.25
2wwWrath of GodSpecial383$4.98
5rKhorvath BrightflameRare009$4.94
2gRamunap ExcavatorSpecial129$4.45
2bVirtus the VeiledRare007$4.42
Island - Izzet (A03)SpecialA03$4.26
3rrDictate of the Twin GodsSpecial93$3.86
Plains - Orzhov (B03)SpecialB03$3.82
2rwAjani VengeantSpecial154$3.72
6Steel HellkiteSpecial205$3.66
Swamp - Rakdos (B05)SpecialB05$3.65
6rBrass's BountySpecial94$3.58
Island - Dimir (A01)SpecialA01$3.48
3wRestoration AngelSpecial32$3.4
guSimic AscendancySpecial207$3.21
Forest - Simic (B09)SpecialB09$3.15
Island - Simic (B10)SpecialB10$2.9
Forest - Golgari (A06)SpecialA06$2.84
3bbEarwig SquadSpecial82 $2.79 / $0.5$2.16
Plains - Boros (A08)SpecialA08$2.79
2uuBident of ThassaSpecial42$2.7
Plains - Selesnya (A10)SpecialA10$2.58
Mountain - Rakdos (B06)SpecialB06$2.58
3gGorm the GreatRare008$2.57
Island - Azorius (B02)SpecialB02$2.55
Mountain - Gruul (B07)SpecialB07$2.46
Swamp - Dimir (A02)SpecialA02$2.35
Plains - Azorius (B01)SpecialB01$2.25
4uChakram RetrieverUncommon015$2.2
Mountain - Izzet (A04)SpecialA04$2.19
6Staff of NinSpecial217$2.08
Forest - Selesnya (A09)SpecialA09$2.05
Swamp - Golgari (A05)SpecialA05$2.02
Forest - Gruul (B08)SpecialB08$1.84
Mountain - Boros (A07)SpecialA07$1.7
wwFigure of DestinySpecial139$1.62
wuwuAzorius GuildmageSpecial141$1.53
3gLey WeaverUncommon021$1.53
3ggAnt QueenSpecial166$1.35
7bbIn Garruk's WakeSpecial100$1.27
1uLudevic's Test SubjectSpecial64$1.11
1wbAss Whuppin'Special117$1.06
1rSudden ShockSpecial179$1.06
6Thopter AssemblySpecial140$0.98
3rLord of Shatterskull PassSpecial156$0.91
1rStorm EntitySpecial122$0.89
5uuScholar of the Lost TroveSpecial496$0.89
4ggEarl of SquirrelRare108$0.88
3rRukh EggSpecial216$0.85
2gwKnight of New AlaraSpecial70$0.83
6Obelisk of AlaraSpecial140$0.77
3rMondronen ShamanSpecial98$0.56
3uLore WeaverUncommon022$0.54
4wbMagister of WorthSpecial48$0.52
3Desecrated Tomb (Draft Weekend)Special230$0.51
1ggBudoka PupilSpecial122$0.5
2ggggForce of NatureSpecial242$0.46
bbbbDimir GuildmageSpecial245$0.45
3wwBishop of RebirthSpecial005$0.42
4rrrAncient HellkiteSpecial122$0.41
ggggGruul GuildmageSpecial144$0.39
2gHedge TrollSpecial151$0.38
ub // 4brBreaking // EnteringSpecial124$0.35
4Dragon Throne of TarkirSpecial219$0.35
5bbDeathbringer RegentSpecial96$0.34
4Oracle's VaultSpecial234$0.34
3wBlaring RecruiterUncommon013$0.31
5ggGarruk's HordeSpecial24 $0.3 / $0.09
4uuZahid, Djinn of the Lamp (Draft Weekend)Special76$0.29
4uuSaheeli's ArtistrySpecial62$0.27
4gSoulblade RenewerUncommon018$0.27
4rChakram SlingerUncommon016$0.27
2uuIdentity ThiefSpecial064$0.26
2rImpetuous ProtegeUncommon019 $0.26 / $0.02$0.23
5uuColossal WhaleSpecial48$0.25
urFiremind's ResearchSpecial171$0.25
2rGhost-Lit RaiderSpecial99$0.24
5Blight HerderSpecial2$0.24
2ggDeadbridge GoliathSpecial120$0.23
6ggSkarrg GoliathSpecial133$0.23
6wwAngel of DeliveranceSpecial2$0.22
3bBlaring CaptainUncommon014$0.22
4bSoulblade CorrupterUncommon017$0.19
5ggSandsteppe MastodonRare137$0.17
2uMizzium MeddlerSpecial64$0.17
3rQuicksmith RebelSpecial93$0.15
2wProud MentorUncommon020$0.11
4rrShivan Dragon (Moscow 2005)Special6

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