Special Occasion Prices List

pSPC released on 2006-12-25

Cards Gaining Value

Cards Losing Value

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Special Occasion Price List

MC Rarity Name Mid / Low Foil
3uSpecialGifts Given $133.12
2bbSpecialEvil Presents $71.48
1ggSpecialFruitcake Elemental $66.40
2wwSpecialSnow Mercy $65.00
1bSpecialBog Humbugs $43.02
rrrrSpecialSeason's Beatings $38.49
2rgSpecialYule Ooze $37.00
SpecialMishra's Toy Workshop $32.99
5SpecialStocking Tiger $31.99
1bbSpecialNaughty // Nice $25.40
1rSpecialGoblin Sleigh Ride $19.99
2uuSpecialThopter Pie Network $15.50
bSpecialSome Disassembly Required $14.95

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