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MTG The List (Unfinity Foil Edition) was released on 2022-10-07 with 62 unique cards.

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Name Rarity C# Change Reg. Price Foil Price
3Sword of Dungeons & Dragonsmythic61$1.99
8Everythingamajig (F)Rare56$1.75
3uuRichard Garfield, Ph.D.rare17$1.12
5Everythingamajig (A)rare55$0.82
4ggEarl of Squirrelrare35$0.65
3gSurgeon General Commandermythic42$0.57
bbEnter the Dungeonrare19$0.55
1gIneffable Blessing (C)Rare37$0.44
1gIneffable Blessing (A)Rare38$0.4
3wwSyr Cadian, Knight Owlrare9$0.38
4wwDo-It-Yourself Seraphmythic2$0.34
3rrYet Another Aether Vortexrare32$0.3
4Split Screenrare60$0.3
3uuB.O.B. (Bevy of Beebles)Mythic Rare13$0.29
ggOld Fogeyrare39$0.28
2uAlexander Clamiltonrare10$0.28
3bAcornelia, Fashionable Filcherrare18$0.28
7bSummon the Packmythic25$0.26
4rrrInfinity ElementalMythic Rare29$0.26
1brBaron Von Countmythic43$0.24
4uuGraveyard BusybodyRare15$0.24
Watermarketrare62 $0.77 $0.24
10bInfernius Spawnington III, Esq.Rare21$0.23
2rBlast from the Pastrare27$0.23
1wFlavor Judgerare3$0.23
8bbInfernal Spawn of Infernal Spawn of Evilrare20$0.22
2bMasterful Ninjarare22$0.22
2b/pb/pSpike, Tournament Grinderrare24$0.22
gwBetter Than Onerare44$0.21
4rrThe Big Idearare26$0.2
4rgCramped Bunkerrare45$0.2
xrgOl' Buzzbarkmythic51$0.19
4wuHot Fixrare49$0.19
4uuAnimate Libraryrare11$0.18
2gPippa, Duchess of Dicerare40$0.18
3wwOddly Unevenrare6$0.18
3wwRules Lawyerrare7$0.18
3brGrusilda, Monster Masherrare48$0.17
4bbOver My Dead Bodiesrare23$0.17
gAs Luck Would Have Itrare33$0.16
2gwDr. Julius Jumblemorphmythic46$0.16
wuThe Grand Calcutronmythic47$0.16
2wwFrankie Peanutsrare4$0.15
3rrThe Countdown Is at Onerare28$0.15
1ubPhoebe, Head of S.N.E.A.K.mythic52$0.15
7Modular Monstrosityrare59$0.14
2uuAvatar of MeRare12$0.13
3rrThree-Headed Goblinrare31$0.13
5rrMary O'KillRare50$0.12
8Angelic Rocketrare54$0.11
3rrSteamflogger of the Monthrare30$0.11
xuuIncite Insightrare16$0.11
2wStaying Powerrare8$0.1
3Handy Dandy Clone Machinerare57$0.09
2wBy Gnome Meansrare1$0.08

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Mythic Rare Uncommon Common
62 Unique Cards 11 51 0 0
Average Value $0 $0.02 $0 $0
Average Foil Value $0.42 $0.28 $0 $0

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