Tips on foil specs

  • 1. You win here by buying multiple copies of one card, then sit on it for a couple years.

  • 2. You sit on specs until they spike, don't sell early.

  • 3. Watch out for overprinted cards here, they will make it to this list.

Bulk Uncommon Speculation (under $0.25 tcg mid)

Echomtg's proprietary algorithm that finds potentially valuable bulk rare investments before they pop.

MC Name Foil Regular
2rChandra's Spitfire  |  Magic 2011 (Uncommon)$2.42$0.24 Add to Watchlist
bTormented Hero  |  Theros (Uncommon)17%$0.24$0.24 Add to Watchlist
1guElusive Krasis  |  Gatecrash (Uncommon)$0.89$0.24 Add to Watchlist
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