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Unlock Features & More Digital Binder Storage

Gain access to a full-featured SaaS platform for the Magic:the Gathering collectors. Premium membership gains you access to locked features, additional binder storage, and access to on-going new features.

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360 Card Collection Limit

Perfect for new players to check out what collecting is all about.

Mobile API Access
Weekly Email Summary

5400 Card Collection Limit

If your collection worth over $1000? Is it growing? Time to know your asset.

Mobile API Access
Weekly Summary Email
Trending Analysis Email
Collection Tools

11520 Card Collection Limit

Do you have over $2000 in a single binder. Do you have a deck worth over $1000 dollars? This is the plan for you.

Premier Collection Tools
Sealed Tracking
Weekly Summary Email
Trending Analysis Email
9 Custom Lists
Watchlist Notifications

360000 Card Collection Limit

This plan is for serious players that have over $5000 tied up in their collection or decks. Tools in this plan will help you speculate on card investments and better track your assets.

Premium Collection Tools
Sealed Tracking
Premium Finance Statistics
Text Message Price Spike Notifications
API Access
50 Custom Lists
Summary Emails for Lists
Watchlist Notification Email
Trending Analysis Emails

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