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Modern Horizons 1 Timeshifts - H1R

MTG Modern Horizons 1 Timeshifts was released on 2021-06-18 with 80 unique cards.

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Name Rarity C# Change Reg. Price Foil Price
2uuUrza, Lord High Artificer (Retro Frame)Mythic Rare11$97.28
1uuForce of Negation (Retro Frame)Rare9$68.42
2uuUrza, Lord High Artificer (Retro Frame) (Foil Etched)Mythic Rare11$64.61
2rrForce of Vigor (Retro Frame)Rare21$47.25
Prismatic Vista (Retro Frame)Rare40$36.17
1uuForce of Negation (Retro Frame) (Foil Etched)Rare9$33.75
1wwRanger-Captain of Eos (Retro Frame)Mythic Rare5$33.44
2rrForce of Vigor (Retro Frame) (Foil Etched)Rare21$31.34
wubrgThe First Sliver (Retro Frame)Mythic Rare26$26.66
Prismatic Vista (Retro Frame) (Foil Etched)Rare40$25.99
3Sword of Truth and Justice (Retro Frame)Mythic Rare32$24.33
1wwRanger-Captain of Eos (Retro Frame) (Foil Etched)Mythic Rare5$22.46
wubrgThe First Sliver (Retro Frame) (Foil Etched)Mythic Rare26$20.18
3Sword of Truth and Justice (Retro Frame) (Foil Etched)Mythic Rare32$18.78
uuuArchmage's Charm (Retro Frame)Rare7$14.57
wGiver of Runes (Retro Frame)Rare3$12.96
1rGoblin Engineer (Retro Frame)Rare16$12.79
3Sword of Sinew and Steel (Retro Frame)Mythic Rare31$12.45
wGiver of Runes (Retro Frame) (Foil Etched)Rare3$9.93
Hall of Heliod's Generosity (Retro Frame)Rare39$9.66
Hall of Heliod's Generosity (Retro Frame) (Foil Etched)Rare39$8.15
3Sword of Sinew and Steel (Retro Frame) (Foil Etched)Mythic Rare31$8.06
uuuArchmage's Charm (Retro Frame) (Foil Etched)Rare7$7.57
guIce-Fang Coatl (Retro Frame)Rare27$6.99
1rGoblin Engineer (Retro Frame) (Foil Etched)Rare16$5.87
wEphemerate (Retro Frame)Uncommon1$4.06
2wGenerous Gift (Retro Frame) (Foil Etched)Uncommon2$3.97
2wGenerous Gift (Retro Frame)Uncommon2$3.76
guIce-Fang Coatl (Retro Frame) (Foil Etched)Rare27$3.52
1wuSoulherder (Retro Frame)Uncommon30$3.28
wEphemerate (Retro Frame) (Foil Etched)Uncommon1$3.26
2Talisman of Conviction (Retro Frame) (Foil Etched)Uncommon33$3.19
2Talisman of Creativity (Retro Frame) (Foil Etched)Uncommon34$3.08
2bPlague Engineer (Retro Frame)Rare14$3.04
2Talisman of Conviction (Retro Frame)Uncommon33$2.99
2wSisay, Weatherlight Captain (Retro Frame)Rare6$2.97
bChangeling Outcast (Retro Frame) (Foil Etched)Uncommon12$2.85
1wuSoulherder (Retro Frame) (Foil Etched)Uncommon30$2.74
2wSisay, Weatherlight Captain (Retro Frame) (Foil Etched)Rare6$2.71
uFaerie Seer (Retro Frame) (Foil Etched)Uncommon8$2.64
bDefile (Retro Frame)Uncommon13$2.64
2Talisman of Hierarchy (Retro Frame) (Foil Etched)Uncommon36$2.56
2uTribute Mage (Retro Frame) (Foil Etched)Uncommon10$2.43
1Universal Automaton (Retro Frame) (Foil Etched)Uncommon38$2.42
uFaerie Seer (Retro Frame)Uncommon8$2.18
2uTribute Mage (Retro Frame)Uncommon10$2.09
bChangeling Outcast (Retro Frame)Uncommon12$2
2Talisman of Creativity (Retro Frame)Uncommon34$1.96
3ggDeep Forest Hermit (Retro Frame)Rare20$1.9
1Universal Automaton (Retro Frame)Uncommon38$1.85
2Talisman of Hierarchy (Retro Frame)Uncommon36$1.58
bDefile (Retro Frame) (Foil Etched)Uncommon13$1.49
2Talisman of Curiosity (Retro Frame) (Foil Etched)Uncommon35$1.43
1gAyula, Queen Among Bears (Retro Frame)Rare19$1.35
2Talisman of Resilience (Retro Frame) (Foil Etched)Uncommon37$1.28
2ubIngenious Infiltrator (Retro Frame) (Foil Etched)Uncommon28$1.22
2Talisman of Resilience (Retro Frame)Uncommon37$1.14
gScale Up (Retro Frame) (Foil Etched)Uncommon23$1.08
2bPlague Engineer (Retro Frame) (Foil Etched)Rare14$1.05
bbUndead Augur (Retro Frame)Uncommon15$1.03
2wKing of the Pride (Retro Frame) (Foil Etched)Uncommon4$1.02
gScale Up (Retro Frame)Uncommon23$1
bbUndead Augur (Retro Frame) (Foil Etched)Uncommon15$0.93
1gWeather the Storm (Retro Frame)Uncommon24$0.91
1wbEtchings of the Chosen (Retro Frame)Uncommon25$0.77
gggLlanowar Tribe (Retro Frame) (Foil Etched)Uncommon22$0.76
3ggDeep Forest Hermit (Retro Frame) (Foil Etched)Rare20$0.73
2Talisman of Curiosity (Retro Frame)Uncommon35$0.73
1gAyula, Queen Among Bears (Retro Frame) (Foil Etched)Rare19$0.66
2ubIngenious Infiltrator (Retro Frame)Uncommon28$0.6
1gWeather the Storm (Retro Frame) (Foil Etched)Uncommon24$0.59
gggLlanowar Tribe (Retro Frame)Uncommon22$0.59
1rwLavabelly Sliver (Retro Frame) (Foil Etched)Uncommon29$0.53
1wbEtchings of the Chosen (Retro Frame) (Foil Etched)Uncommon25$0.38
1rShenanigans (Retro Frame)Uncommon18$0.38
1rShenanigans (Retro Frame) (Foil Etched)Uncommon18$0.35
2wKing of the Pride (Retro Frame)Uncommon4$0.31
1rwLavabelly Sliver (Retro Frame)Uncommon29$0.28
5rMagmatic Sinkhole (Retro Frame)Uncommon17$0.17
5rMagmatic Sinkhole (Retro Frame) (Foil Etched)Uncommon17$0.15

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Modern Horizons 1 Timeshifts Averages and Pull Odds

Mythic Rare Uncommon Common
80 Unique Cards 10 24 46 0
Average Value $0 $0 $0 $0
Average Foil Value $32.83 $14.56 $1.67 $0
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