Masterpiece Series: Kaladesh Inventions Prices List

MP1 released on 2016-09-30

Cards Gaining Value

Cards Losing Value

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Masterpiece Series: Kaladesh Inventions Price List

MC Rarity Name Mid / Low Foil
0Mythic RareMana Crypt $429.99
1Mythic RareSol Ring $350.37
0Mythic RareMox Opal $245.00
3Mythic RareSword of Feast and Famine $185.00
3Mythic RareSword of Fire and Ice $161.53
1Mythic RareMana Vault $156.06
xxMythic RareChalice of the Void $150.09
1Mythic RareAether Vial $147.45
3SpecialEnsnaring Bridge $138.47
0Mythic RareLotus Petal $129.97
6SpecialWurmcoil Engine $127.39
0Mythic RareChrome Mox $121.91
2Mythic RareScroll Rack $118.98
3SpecialTrinisphere $117.48
3Mythic RareCrucible of Worlds $115.99
3Mythic RareSword of Light and Shadow $107.49
3Mythic RareRings of Brighthearth $102.53
2Mythic RareLightning Greaves $100.00
3Mythic RareChromatic Lantern $94.28
3Mythic RarePainter's Servant $94.00
0Mythic RareCloudstone Curio $93.60
xSpecialEngineered Explosives $88.74
2Mythic RareArcbound Ravager $84.99
4Mythic RareSolemn Simulacrum $84.98
3SpecialExtraplanar Lens $83.57
3SpecialStaff of Domination $78.99
3SpecialSword of War and Peace $77.00
7SpecialPlatinum Angel $76.46
1SpecialGrindstone $74.99
xxMythic RareHangarback Walker $69.96
1SpecialPithing Needle $69.76
3SpecialOblivion Stone $69.45
3Mythic RareStatic Orb $67.49
3SpecialSword of Body and Mind $64.99
5Mythic RareParadox Engine $59.99
6Mythic RarePlanar Bridge $52.20
2SpecialSphere of Resistance $52.09
4uuMythic RareTorrential Gearhulk $50.24
5Mythic RareGauntlet of Power $50.11
2Mythic RareSteel Overseer $46.83
0SpecialOrnithopter $44.16
1SpecialMeekstone $43.48
4bbMythic RareNoxious Gearhulk $42.09
2SpecialDefense Grid $41.77
3Mythic RareSculpting Steel $39.97
6SpecialDuplicant $37.86
3Mythic RareChampion's Helm $35.98
3SpecialVedalken Shackles $35.51
4rrMythic RareCombustible Gearhulk $34.00
5Mythic RareMind's Eye $26.98
3ggMythic RareVerdurous Gearhulk $24.99
3wwMythic RareCataclysmic Gearhulk $24.55
8SpecialSundering Titan $23.59
1Mythic RareBlack Vise $21.37

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