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Masterpiece Series: Kaladesh Inventions - MP1

MTG Masterpiece Series: Kaladesh Inventions was released on 2016-09-30 with 54 unique cards.

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Name Rarity C# Change Reg. Price Foil Price
1Sol RingMythic Rare24$889.38
0Mana CryptMythic Rare16$878.07
1Mana VaultMythic Rare17$465.93
0Lotus PetalMythic Rare15$462.24
0Chrome MoxMythic Rare9$354.91
0Mox OpalMythic Rare19$349.84
3Sword of Feast and FamineMythic Rare28$261.89
xxChalice of the VoidMythic Rare33$258.18
2Lightning GreavesMythic Rare14$212.51
3Painter's ServantMythic Rare20$210.01
6Wurmcoil EngineSpecial54$202.16
3Sword of Fire and IceMythic Rare29$197.16
0Cloudstone CurioMythic Rare10$191.45
3Crucible of WorldsMythic Rare11$185.34
7Platinum AngelSpecial46$184.1
1Aether VialMythic Rare6$182.13
2Scroll RackMythic Rare22$144.25
3Ensnaring BridgeSpecial37$142.62
1Pithing NeedleSpecial44$138.53
3Extraplanar LensSpecial38$131.28
3Chromatic LanternMythic Rare8$131.1
xEngineered ExplosivesSpecial36$127.07
3Staff of DominationSpecial48$119.31
3Sword of War and PeaceSpecial51$109.68
3Sword of Light and ShadowMythic Rare30$103.08
2Sphere of ResistanceSpecial47$99.79
3Rings of BrighthearthMythic Rare21$95.25
3Static OrbMythic Rare26$89.97
2Defense GridSpecial34$83.97
2Arcbound RavagerMythic Rare31$83.69
4Solemn SimulacrumMythic Rare25$83.36
6Planar BridgeMythic Rare45$78.38
3Sword of Body and MindSpecial50$72.76
3Oblivion StoneSpecial41$69.79
3Sculpting SteelMythic Rare23$69.73
8Sundering TitanSpecial49$68.86
xxHangarback WalkerMythic Rare13$67.66
4uuTorrential GearhulkMythic Rare2$65.18
3Champion's HelmMythic Rare7$64.28
5Gauntlet of PowerMythic Rare12$61.03
4bbNoxious GearhulkMythic Rare3$60.24
5Paradox EngineMythic Rare43$59.89
3Vedalken ShacklesSpecial53$57.88
4rrCombustible GearhulkMythic Rare4$54.29
2Steel OverseerMythic Rare27$45.13
5Mind's EyeMythic Rare18$43.76
3ggVerdurous GearhulkMythic Rare5$38.77
3wwCataclysmic GearhulkMythic Rare1$38.52
1Black ViseMythic Rare32$35.74

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