From the Vault: Twenty Prices List

V13 released on 2013-08-23
Total Cards 20
Complete Set Value $0
Foil Set Value $221
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From the Vault: Twenty Averages and Pull Odds

Mythic Rare Uncommon Common
20 Unique Cards 20 0 0 0
Average Value $0 $0 $0 $0

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From the Vault: Twenty Price List

MC Rarity Name Mid / Low Foil
2uuMythic RareJace, the Mind Sculptor $127.97
xgMythic RareGreen Sun's Zenith $11.30
gMythic RareFyndhorn Elves $10.47
4bbMythic RareInk-Eyes, Servant of Oni $9.50
5Mythic RareGilded Lotus $8.47
4Mythic RareThran Dynamo $8.19
2uuMythic RareVenser, Shaper Savant $7.93
Mythic RareKessig Wolf Run $5.43
3Mythic RareTangle Wire $5.29
3uMythic RareFact or Fiction $4.13
1bMythic RareChainer's Edict $3.49
2ggMythic RareChameleon Colossus $3.49
bMythic RareDark Ritual $3.12
wMythic RareSwords to Plowshares $2.99
bbMythic RareHymn to Tourach $2.37
1gMythic RareWall of Blossoms $2.00
1uMythic RareImpulse $1.89
4wwMythic RareAkroma's Vengeance $1.38
uubbbrrMythic RareCruel Ultimatum $1.02
2rMythic RareChar $0.74

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