Total Cards 15
Complete Set Value $0
Foil Set Value $160
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Released on 2017-11-24 V17

Cards Gaining Value

Cards Losing Value

From the Vault: Transform Averages and Pull Odds

Mythic Rare Uncommon Common
15 Unique Cards 15 0 0 0
Average Value $0 $0 $0 $0
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From the Vault: Transform Price List

MC Rarity Name Mid / Low Foil
1uMythic RareJace, Vryn's Prodigy $38.12
2wwMythic RareGisela, the Broken Blade $20.99
1bbMythic RareLiliana, Heretical Healer $19.49
2gMythic RareNissa, Vastwood Seer $12.75
2rgMythic RareHuntmaster of the Fells $12.31
2bbMythic RareBloodline Keeper $9.81
3wwMythic RareArchangel Avacyn $8.58
uMythic RareDelver of Secrets $6.41
5wwMythic RareBruna, the Fading Light $6.00
3gMythic RareGarruk Relentless $5.24
7Mythic RareElbrus, the Binding Blade $5.15
2rgMythic RareArlinn Kord $5.11
wMythic RareKytheon, Hero of Akros $4.86
1rrMythic RareChandra, Fire of Kaladesh $3.48
1bMythic RareArguel's Blood Fast $1.28

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