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JSS/MSS Promos Price List

MC Rarity Name # Mid / Low Foil
SpecialCity of Brass $245.73
1wwSpecialGlorious Anthem $179.95
uuSpecialLord of Atlantis $157.15 / $1.75 $43.97
1gSpecialSakura-Tribe Elder1/2 J06 $14.62
SpecialThran Quarry $13.99
4wwwSpecialSerra Avatar $11.98
4rrSpecialTwo-Headed Dragon2/2 J03 $10.48
gSpecialGiant Growth $1.67
1rSpecialVolcanic Hammer1 $1.41
ggSpecialWhirling Dervish $0.94
4rSpecialShard Phoenix $0.39 / $0.14 $2.03
gSpecialElvish Lyrist5 $0.28 / $0.05 $1.22
wwSpecialSoltari Priest (APAC Series)14
wwSpecialSoltari Priest (Junior Series)14
rrSpecialSlith Firewalker (Junior Series)1E05
wwSpecialSoltari Priest (Scholarship Series)14
rrSpecialSlith Firewalker (Junior Super Series)10

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