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Pro Tour Promos Price List

MC Rarity Name # Mid / Low Foil
1bbMythic RareLiliana of the Veil $256.49
1uSpecialSnapcaster Mage1 $130.98
6{{B}}{{B}}SpecialAvatar of Woe4 $99.95
15Mythic RareEmrakul, the Aeons Torn1 $91.99
3{{G}}{{W}}SpecialMirari's Wake2 $80.50
gRareNoble Hierarch1 $35.49
3{{G}}{{W}}{{U}}SpecialTreva, the Renewer3 $34.55
1uuuRareCryptic Command001 $29.49
2wwSpecialAjani Goldmane (2011 Pro Tour)5 $12.23
5{{W}}{{W}}SpecialEternal Dragon1 $9.57
2rSpecialChar $1.84
2rrRareFateful Showdown114

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