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Unique and Miscellaneous Promos - pUNI

MTG Unique and Miscellaneous Promos was released on 2000-02-01 with 122 unique cards.

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Name Rarity C# Change Reg. Price Foil Price
3wwSerra AngelUncommon.$150
Treasure Token (2018 Lunar New Year Promo)Token001$108.64
3Crucible of WorldsSpecial001$95.88
Flooded StrandSpecial1$70.03
3wwSerra Angel (25th Anniversary Exposition)Special33$64.31
3rrSethron, Hurloon GeneralRare1$36.75
Minotaur Token (2021 Lunar New Years Promo)Token2$20.84
4rrFiendish Duo (JP Exclusive Store Support Promo)Special001$18.99
2rrBalduvian HordeSpecial167$17.83
3bbArchfiend of DepravityRare62$10.51
2bbWhip of ErebosRare005$9.91
3Pristine TalismanSpecial151 $7.79 / $6.6
xxMechagodzilla, Battle Fortress - Hangarback Walker (Welcome Back Promo)Special001$7.11
1w/bw/bLurrus of the Dream-DenRare94% $7.04 / $6
Corpse Knight Reminder Card (Knights' Charge Brawl Deck)Token. $5.9 / $5.9
1ggCourser of KruphixRare006$4.72
4bbNoosegraf MobRare98$3.59
Rules Card (Spellslinger - Golgari)Token. $3.5 / $3.5
1bbHero's DownfallRare002$3.45
2uuNiblis of FrostRare072$2.46
4bbKothophed, Soul HoarderRare104$2.38
Pegasus // Shark Double-sided Token (Challenger 2021)TokenT324% $2.29 / $1.45
3ubNecromaster DragonRare226$2.25
3guProphet of KruphixRare5$2.24
2rrPia and Kiran NalaarRare157$2.23
Reliquary Tower (Bring a Friend Promo)Special001$2.11
2ggDwynen, Gilt-Leaf DaenRare172$2.06
2uuArchmage EmeritusSpecial377$1.85
4ggHydra BroodmasterRare4$1.52
Temple of MysteryRare4$1.5
5bbDefiant BloodlordRare107$1.46
2wbgIvorytusk FortressRare95$1.33
Sandsteppe CitadelSpecial2$1.29
1uTriskaidekaphile (MID Bundle)Rare3863% $1.18 / $0.4$1.85
1wbgSiege RhinoRare5$1.16
2ggArasta of the Endless WebSpecial352$1.1
4rrFlameblade AngelRare157$1.1
4ggOran-Rief HydraRare181$1.08
3rgHarbinger of the HuntRare223$1.07
3gwDromoka, the EternalSpecial5$0.93
4rrKamahl, Pit FighterSpecial2$0.86
4uReflections of Littjara (KHM Bundle)Special400$0.83
Pegasus // Wall Double-sided Token (Challenger 2021)TokenT3 $0.83 / $0.21
Angel Warrior // Shark Double-sided Token (Challenger 2021)TokenT1 $0.79 / $0.7
5ggGladehart CavalryRare132$0.78
5rgAtarka, World RenderSpecial149/185$0.76
6bDread DefilerRare068$0.74
5uDeepfathom SkulkerRare043$0.68
4ggTemur War ShamanRare142$0.66
5wwDrogskol CavalryRare15$0.65
4rFlamerush RiderRare99$0.64
5rAssembled AlphasRare117$0.64
3wDragonscale GeneralRare11$0.63
2rwbAnkle ShankerRare93$0.62
4wuPristine SkywiseRare228$0.62
2ggSoul SwallowerRare230$0.62
5uuNephalia MoondrakesRare075$0.61
4ggUlvenwald ObserverRare176$0.59
4wHero of Goma FadaRare031$0.57
3brBoltwing MarauderRare214$0.55
3wwHixus, Prison WardenRare19$0.55
gFont of FertilityCommon3$0.53
1wSeeker of the WaySpecial2$0.52
2bguRakshasa VizierRare193$0.49
5uuAlhammarret, High ArbiterRare043$0.49
3bbMarkov DreadknightRare122$0.48
bguSultai AscendancySpecial003$0.47
3wSanctifier of SoulsRare039$0.47
2urwSage of the Inward EyeRare195$0.44
5rrTyrant of ValakutRare119$0.44
4rBarrage TyrantRare127$0.43
5uDrowner of HopeRare57-5% $0.41 / $0.06$0.36
4bbSage-Eye AvengersRare50$0.41
1wPack Leader (M21 Bundle)Special392$0.41
2bgReaper of the WildsSpecial004$0.38
4wMunda's VanguardRare29$0.38
1wValorous StanceUncommon1$0.34
5ggColossification (IKO Bundle)Special364$0.34
1rChandra's Regulator (M20 Bundle)Special131$0.33
2gurAvalanche TuskerRare94$0.32
3ggOutland ColossusSpecial193$0.31
5gwArashin SovereignRare212$0.3
2uuCharix, the Raging Isle (ZNR Bundle)Special386$0.27
gHonored HierarchRare1$0.26
3uuPrognostic SphinxRare1$0.25
Illusion // Pegasus Double-sided Token (Challenger 2021)TokenT6 $0.25 / $0.15
1urYusri, Fortune's FlameRare294$0.25
Emblem - Vraska // Human Double-sided Token (Challenger 2020)TokenT8-5% $0.25 / $0.18
Emblem - On An Adventure Double-sided (Challenger 2020)TokenT20 $0.24 / $0.11
Devil // Satyr Double-sided Token (Challenger 2020)TokenT12 $0.24 / $0.15
1bPiper of the Swarm (ELD Bundle)Rare392$0.23
Elemental // Satyr Double-sided Token (Challenger 2020)TokenT7 $0.22 / $0.17
7bbNecropolis FiendRare001$0.2
Emblem - On An Adventure // Spirit Double-sided Token (Challenger 2020)TokenT20 $0.2 / $0.18
Beast // Insect Double-sided Token (Challenger 2021)TokenT105% $0.2 / $0.16
Servo // Dragon Double-sided Token (Challenger 2020)TokenT18 $0.2 / $0.12
Dragon // Spirit Double-sided Token (Challenger 2020)TokenT13 $0.2 / $0.1
Wolf Double-sided Token (Challenger 2020)TokenT8 $0.16 / $0.11
2gggFated InterventionRare2$0.15
Human // Insect Double-sided Token (Challenger 2021)TokenT2 $0.15 / $0.04
Human Double-sided Token (Challenger 2020)TokenT2-9% $0.15 / $0.09
Servo // Wizard Double-sided Token (Challenger 2020)TokenT18 $0.15 / $0.1
Satyr // Goblin Construct Double-sided Token (Challenger 2021)TokenT917% $0.15 / $0.05
Human // Beast Double-sided Token (Challenger 2021)TokenT2 $0.13 / $0.08
3Treasure Chest (AFR Bundle)Rare397$0.1
1urwThe Legend of ArenaMythic Rare004
gwubSol, Advocate EternalMythic Rare003
3rwOptimus Prime, Inspiring LeaderMythic Rare002
wubrgNira, Hellkite DuelistSpecial003
bugM'Odo, the Gnarled OracleSpecial003
1ggwwKharis & the BeholderMythic Rare001
1urInzerva, Master of InsightsSpecial002
2wuDungeon MasterSpecial002
2rrrrDiabolical SalvationSpecial001
2rrChandra, Gremlin WranglerSpecial001
2ggMyntasha, Honored OneSpecial005
1uKeeper of the Secret LairSpecial002
3rChampions of ArcherySpecial004
3bWar of the SparkSpecial003
Rules Card (WAR Bundle)Token. $1.23
Rules Card (Spellslinger - Boros)Token. $2.15

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Sealed product for Unique and Miscellaneous Promos

No sealed items were found for Unique and Miscellaneous Promos. Try searching the sealed page All Sealed Boxes.

Unique and Miscellaneous Promos Cards Gaining Value

  • Pegasus // Shark Double-sided Token (Challenger 2021) +$0.55 24% @ $2.29
  • Lurrus of the Dream-Den +$0.28 4% @ $7.04
  • Triskaidekaphile (MID Bundle) +$0.04 3% @ $1.18
  • Satyr // Goblin Construct Double-sided Token (Challenger 2021) +$0.03 17% @ $0.15
  • Beast // Insect Double-sided Token (Challenger 2021) +$0.01 5% @ $0.2

Unique and Miscellaneous Promos Cards Losing Value

  • Drowner of Hope-$0.02 -5% @ $0.41
  • Human Double-sided Token (Challenger 2020)-$0.01 -9% @ $0.15
  • Emblem - Vraska // Human Double-sided Token (Challenger 2020)-$0.01 -5% @ $0.25

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