Reddit MTG Price Bot (EchoBot)

EchoMTG created a reddit bot (EchoBot) for the magic community. EchoBot listens to comments by users and will respond to a comment when summoned by a price call. EchoBot price calls are completed between 20 seconds and 2 minutes, longer times are due to Reddit API limiting. EchoBot is driven by our server processing pool and loads TCGplayer pricing that is stored daily in our database.

How Price Calls Work

In your reddit comment, you summon the EchoBot like this:

If a card has multiple printings, and you know its set code or expansion, use a bar character | to separate the card name and the set code or expansion name

Using 3-letter set abbreviation:


or, name part of its expansion name

You can use it in a sentence like this

Cards with multiple editions and promos. With the set field you can have part of the set, the full name, or the set code.

What doesn't work

  • Multiple calls in a single comment. Only one price call is available per comment.

  • $(sddgzsdfh) non recognizable cards return nothing.

  • $(Bob) $(FoW) nick names or common abbreviations return nothing

  • $(Melira) short names return nothing.

  • $(Vedalken Æthermage) Æ character not supported, use AE.

  • $(Dark confidant|MM2015) You have to spell the expansion name out: modern masters 2015 or use the set short code MM2. Hybrids will not work.

  • $(Lotus Bloom|foil) foil price will auto post, you do not need to ask for it. Asking for it will make the bot not recognize what you are asking for.

  • $(Elspeth, Knight Errant | Duel Deck) missing the dash in name will fail

  • $(Snapcaster Mage | Innistred) Misspelling the set name will fail

Where does the Magic EchoBot work?

Echo's Reddit bot works on these sub reddits:

Planned subreddits:

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