The 2020 Covid-19 pandemic triggered a pencils down command to most of the artists in the comic book world, Fico Ossio, who was currently working on Spider-Man was one of the Artists. Fate brought Fico and Teeg together when the pandemic hit. Teeg and Iona lost access to daycare, Iona, being the angel she is, is a nurse, so they had to find temporary help to care for their child. The person who stepped up to help Teeg and Iona happened to be partnered with an Editor/Manager at IDW ( who was friendly with a number of artists, including Fico. There you have it!

We truly thank Fico and his friends for the opportunity to bring more comic art to the magic life. Follow Fico on instagram support works from IDW

Behind the Art

Teeg presented an idea to Fico where 5 planeswalkers, that represent each color from the EchoMTG logo, sent magic to the EchoMTG logo in the middle of a sunken canyon. Fico completely blew us away! Since the art contains characters depicted in Magic:the Gathering, it is considered Fan Art and is free to download (click the images below for high-res photos).


Magic the gathering fanart  by Fico Ossio


EchoMTG Magic the gathering fanart final by Fico Ossio

EchoMTG Playmat

EchoMTG fanart playmat by Fico Ossio

Playmats will be distributed to those who help EchoMTG now and in the future.