Hello class, take your seats. Today we'll be talking about a new app for Android that you NEED to start using...

Scryglass by HanClinto. 

So let's start off with what it does. Simply, it prices out your MtG cards, near instantaniously, so you don't have to. It's probably one of the simplest MtG scanners I've ever used, and it works extremely well! It scans cards within seconds, has adjusable prices (so far only TCG Low-Mid), and can export in several ways (clipboard, email, Pucatrade, Echomtg and even CSV).

Using the app is real simple, I'd advise you use a white piece of paper as a background (I personally have a 8.5 x 11  hole-punched grey piece of cardboard in the back of each of my trade binders now, and I find  it works great. Reasoning for grey is a minor worry some older white cards may fail on scans but hasn't happened yet!) as some cards don't seem to co-operate fully with the camera/app (namely some prior M15 black cards, as it can't tell the border). After you figure out a background (I've even sat the card on my leg in a moving vehicle, and it scanned just fine), try to get some good lighting (as long as you're in a decently light area, you should be fine) or if you can't then you can also use the built-in light feature which'll use your camera's flash as a light. Once thats done and your connected somehow via internet (only if you require prices) you can start scanning!

But, why should you spend your hard earned money to have the ability of scanning cards? Easy, it saves you a lot of time. Whether you're a vendor, a collector, or simply an everyday player it's got usage for everyone. Can easily scan and export into an inventory, can scan to work out sales or trades, or scan to make your sorting easier.

"Well it still costs $X...", Yes, it costs money, like most things in life, but given the speed of the app, and the fact it's extremely user friendly, it will very quickly pay for itself. Doing the work yourself could take hours of sorting, plus pricing, etc. Why spend hours, when you can cut that time down to minutes.

Not only can it scan unsleeved cards, but they can be scanned while sleeved! So, you've got that sweet foil modern Battle of Wit's deck finished, and don't want to go through and unsleeve it all only to resleeve after scanning? Just run the sleeved cards through the scanner and your done. (Bravo you crazy individual)

I absolutely love the app, and I feel the cost is fair given the service it provides. I've only had minor issues but the creator of the app is very open to help people and he's very easy to deal with.

So there we go boys and girls, time to pack up. I hope you paid attention because there'll be a test tomorrow...