Today we were blessed by the presence of our new Spag...Radish/Mushroom hybrid...

Eldritc...Eldrazi overlord! Now, for a long time, we knew this was coming, some of us even dreading

it, me included, but seeing it now I'm happy. This article will be both a card discussion, and a

speculation on some complimenting cards, so you too can rule over your cowering opponents when

you bring forth the Promised End.

First let's get the discussion of the card over with, beginning with the name, The Promised End. Will

this be the destruction of Innistrad? Not via Brother and Sister "war games" using the zombified

toys, not by Angels, nor Demons, not even by a total annihilation of the worlds inhabitants due to

being forgotten in a 'prison' with a demon whispering destruction in your ear... Wait, sorry Nahiri,

you're not important right now, go away...

Now, where was I? Yes, Emrakul's name, I like it. It's fitting, though I truely hope it isn't the promised

end of Innistrad, go back and annihilate Zendikar for all I care. Ok, I know, off topic. The name is

amazing, that's it.

The expensive cost of 13 is fine, it's much better with a later ability. The original cost a little more, 15

to be exact, and for no real mana requirements, it's great. Sadly, we don't have a "Spagetti Titan"

Creature type come on Wizards! How much of a punch does it have though, 13/13? Ok, so it beats

tons of creaures by itself...

Now for the real important things, the abilities! Let's start it off nice and simpl... "Emrakul,the

Promised End costs 1 less to cast for each card type among cards in your graveyard." Umm...

What? So you're telling me this has built in cost reduction... Ok, that's totally fair. Let's continue, it's

bound to be simplier...

"When you cast Emrakul, you gain control of target opponent during that player's next turn. After

that turn, that player takes an extra turn." Ok, Wizards... This isn't helping me out... So basically,

when you CAST Emrakul, you get to target an opponent to control their next turn, then once the turn you casted Emrakul is finished (even if Emrakul gets countered, it doesn't matter), you get to pass the turn, thus giving you access to earlier picked opponent's turn, which'll allow you to see that player's hand, any face-down 'permanents', even a sideboard. Though, when you're finished the turn, the targeted opponent will be taking an "extra" turn now. So beware!

Ok. Last chance Wizards, theres a little bit of more text on this card, so PLEASE make it simple.

"Flying..." Yes, this is great "...trample..." Even better, not only does this thing fly about but it doesnt

care about Storm Crows... "Protection from instants." ...Really Wizards, FINE I don't care anymore,

the cards amazing. It flies, it steals turns, it doesnt get chump blocked, and it doesn't care about

Blue mages, assuming it resolves. What more could we ask for really, I think anything more would

be borderline busted, so far both Emrakul's are extremely, extremely powerful.

Speccing on Emrakul isn't easy to do right now, the simplest card combo with it that I can think of,

is: Ugin's Nexus. It currently (Using Echo) costs: $0.73 normal, $2.19 foil. I'd likely pick up some

number for if Emrakul picks up in EDH.

Another solid card I'm looking at speccing into is: Altar of Dementia, yes this IS a combo I'm

considering for an EDH deck (Combo works as such: Have Ugin's Nexus, cast Emrakul, get trigger,

Sac to Altar, target yourself if you wish, send Emrakul to command zone, it SHOULD be cheaper,

repeat if possible, otherwise take opps turn, then go back to summoning Emrakul for lolz, because

Nexus won't allow them an extra controled turn). Altar currently has 2 printings, Conspiracy and

Tempest and sits at a price range of: $2.95, and $3.23 respectively and has a foil price of $5.92. Altar

can also work as a win condition should you require it.

Another card to look into will be Traverse the Ulvenwald, no not for EDH but for Standard. Emrakul +

Delerium = Mmm, Winning. Traverse is also on the cheap side, a mere $2.19, or $9 foil. So even

buying full price you may no lose out a ton.

Not sure if these can pay off, but I'll gladly be wrong. Emrakul is a massive flavor win in my books,

and I enjoy the card alot.

Until next time reader, I promise this won't be the end,