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Scaled Modern

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60 / 15 75 $96.93Estimated cost to complete: $49.9-$93.66

Today we're going to make Modern a simple format with some Hardened Scales Stompy. The deck, according to EchoMTG costs $74.61 USD, or $96.93 CAD.

The goal of the deck is simply turning green dudes sideways, but with the benefits of playing a turn 1-3 Hardened Scales and having lots of counters on our dudes so they can overpower almost every creature deck.

The creature's are pretty basic, except for Managorger Hydra, Vinecrasher Kudzu and Scavenging Ooze (Which could be replaced by Strangleroot Geist's for further budgets, though the graveyard hate on a body is nice, and the incidental lifegain is better too). Managorger is easily the most powerful creature, and I would follow it with Vinecrasher. Those 2 creatures NEED to be answered by an opponent before they get out of hand. Vastwood Hydra is a cute creature, especially after sideboarding into Beacon of Creation, as you get to pump things after the Hydra dies.

Strength of the Tajuru is a great combat trick as you can target multiple dudes, and with a Hardened Scales out (or heaven forbid, you get 2+ out) you can pay less, for more damage! Aspect of Hydra isn't AS powerful as the other Green stompy deck(s), but it does push through quick damage. Inspiring Call is to refuel a few cards, and hopefully either get you back into a game, or aid you in finishing it.

Sideboarding for the deck, normally comes in the form of removing Hydra's / Inspiring Calls and pump spells. Affinity is simple enough, just add Nature's Claim, you should be able to overpower a slow playing Affinity deck. Tron your bringing in the Acid-Moss'. Jund/Control you bring in Acid-Moss/Beacon. Burn/Zoo you have leylines for. Boggles is where Back to Nature / Nature's Claims really shine.

Farewell for now, keep going hard!