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Standard Burn (EMN)

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Welcome pyro's,

Today I aim to make you people happy with a different style of aggro deck for standard. Not only are we barely running creatures... But we're also dealing a lot of damage. Now I know this list isn't tuned fully as of yet, but if you're looking for something fun to get into Standard, or you want to play some quick Gameday/fnm matches... Well here's the deck for you!

Let's go over the creature list:

2x Lightning Berserker - It's a one drop thats trading up 70+% of the time, or it's another variation to a combat trick later game. If the game goes a bit later, and you topdeck him and opponents unprepared... they die! Or perhaps they just think on taking damage but hen you follow up with a burn spell to the dome. It all works out for you!

4x Thunderbreak Regent -  4 mana , 4/4 flier.. I mean it's fine... Oh there's more text? "Whenever bant Company tries to reflector mage this, they take 3 damage per thunderbreak out..." oh.. Well now...  that's much better! Plus it's putting a clock on he opponent fast.

4x Bedlam Reveler - Ok, this card is adorable. I overlooked this guy at first. I'm sure glad I did though! "8 mana for a 3/4 creature in red.. unplayabl..." Now you listen here! It also gets {1} cheaper PER instant and sorcery in your graveyard. On top of that the stupid Devil Horror has prowness. But just because that's still bad... If your hands empty (or perhaps you have a fiery temper or two in hand... ) you can discard it, and draw 3 cards! Thanks MaRo. This is just what Red needs...

For spells we have:

3x Fiery Impulse, 1x Lightning Axe - Simple creature removal for various stages of the match.

1x Burn from Within - This can likely be replaced, but I enjoy the idea of topdecking lethal. Another scenario where this is good is lets say an opp has an avacyn out, and you cant quite kill it so you impulse it then Burn it... And you never have to worry again...

2x Avacyn's Judgement - Nice little crowd control, at worst dealing 2 damage to opponent... but Heaven forbid you can madness it for more!

4x Incendary Flow, 4x Exquisite Firecraft - Burn a dude, or opponents facial region..  I dont think its an issue these are sorcery.

4x Tormenting Voice - Madness enabler or can help you get better cards to kill stuff with.

4x Collective Defiance - Ok, let's have a little break, and chat. Wheel of Fortune's a good card. Dealing 4 damage to a creature for 3 mana is decent. Dealing 3 to an opponent for 3 mana is meh... But lets for some miracle say you can do all that.... for 5 mana (3RR). Clearly I must be dreaming because that would never be a real thing in magic right?... Wait what's that? EMN has a card that does all that, for whatever modes you want to use... and the wheel effect only affects one dude... so I can theoretically bait a control player... Oh boy!

Lands are fairly straight forward, Sanatarium is a Madness enabling loothouse, and the gorge can help kill something.

But then we come to sideboarding, and thats where the real madness begins.

4xThermo Alchemist's help the aggro matches out by sitting there to block/ping.

4x Weaver of Lightning can block the spirit menace, and even kill critters for you!

Chandra's are a backup plan for midrange.

Scab-Beserker's come out to play when there's alot of non-critters involved. (Looking at you, Ramp)

Kozilek's Return is good for us because we dont care about creatures and 8/10 maindeck dudes survive it.

The real piece of greatness: Molten Vortex. Yes it's a singleton... It's for Control and Aggro. You land this it can be game over after 4 mana is assembled.

So there we go boys and girls. Standard's gone to the red mage! Just note, you'll be starting many fires with this beauty.