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Modern Belcher

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Welcome boys and girls,

Today we're going to discuss our first Legac.... Wait, this is Modern Legal? No...

Ok then...

This is Modern Belcher! This is a deck I found and tossed together not for competitive magic, but for some entertaining magic matches. This isn't tournament worthy, so I'll advise against it!

For those unsure of what Charbelcher is, here you go: Charbelcher tends to be a deck based around producing 7+ mana on turns 1-2 and casting + activating Goblin Charbelcher, hense the name. Now the problem of course, for turning a normally Legacy deck into Modern is: It's not as powerful/consistent, but you know what? Who cares!

This deck works similar to it's older brother, except that it's going off on turns 2-4, and has much worse cards. Plus with 3 lands, we have to try pulling them out ASAP, although the Mountain can stay within the deck to make wins happen a bit faster, should luck be on your side.

Card choices are very simple:

Win Cons -

Goblin Charbelcher - How obvious! For 7 mana, it basically reads "Win the game!"

Chancellor of the Tangle - I've only won with this guy 3 times... But was it ever worth it! Opponent didn't counter my rituals, and suddenly a giant attacker appears. He couldn't believe it, and let it resolve!

Card filtering -

Faithless Looting - Despite being card disadvantage, it provides a well needed thing: Discard outlets!

Gitaxian Probe/Street Wraith - 2 life to draw cards isn't fair!

Manamorphose - Best mana filter that also cantrips (draws a card to replace itself).

Everything else just has to do with getting, filtering, or accelerating our mana!

Whew, what a deck! Now that that's ove.... what? Sideboard... This thing has a sideboard?!

Oh boy, not only does this deck have a sideboard, but it's also a Transformational sideboard! For those unsure of what that means, after game one of playing Belcher, you get to play a completely different deck after sideboarding!

Sideboarding Belcher for the modern variation of... Oops All Spells. Sheesh.. .Talk about a total glass cannon! So, Oops All Spells became a deck in legacy with the printing of the cards: Balustrade Spy and Undercity Informer. What's the decks goal? summon Spy or Informer, mill all your library (yes, this is another no land deck) reanimate Angel of Glory's Rise, and return Laboratory Maniac and Azami, Lady of Scrolls, and win!

But, that's all fine and dandy for legacy... but this is modern, well it's the exact same gameplan, with a few worse cards! Plus, on another downside, we're going to have 3 lands o remove, plus we have to produce some serious mana! after sideboarding, the deck slows down to turn 3-5 because you need to produce BW {6} atleast for mana.

But how do you sideboard this successfully? Well that's simple!

+1 Swamp, +1 Azami, Lady of scrolls, +1 Angel of Glory's Rise, +1 Unburial Rites, +4 Balustrade Spy, +4 Underciy Informer, +1 Laboratory Maniac

-1 Dryad Arbor, -4 Gitaxian Probe, -4 Street Wraih, -4 Goblin Charbelcher

There we go! The whole decks explai.... Oh yea, the Storm Crows.

So, I'm a terrible person, who loves messing with people. When I found the deck only had 13 cards for the sidebord, and neither variation of the deck is interacting with the opponent, I wanted to find 2 cards to add in, incase I ever needed them... well, after a few attempts at making a 2 slot "perfect" sideboard, I gave up and added in 2x Islands. Then I took the deck to another FNM and during Game 3 sideboaridng, I dropped an island, and my opponent, who saw the island for some reason sided in Choke.

After that, I was joking with a friend of trying to find the most "busted" sideboard card, that would never see play, or do anything, and we went back and forth about the all powerful Storm Crow. So I went and found my portal edition ones, and replaced the bad islands. Now, when I sideboard, if it's against someone I want to mess with, I'll "accidentally drop them" during sideboard so the opponent sees them. Some of the responses have been great, including one person on Twin scooping to me because he "couldn't beat storm crow", I didn't mind!

Well, folks, this is seriously one of the jankiest decks I'll cover so I hope you enjoy!