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G Marvelous Emrakul

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Welcome Readers,

While Kaladesh is still newborn, I've decided to put together a few decks, they may serve no merit but I hope they don't cease to amuse the masses! Today however, we sall look at only one deck...

When the card Aeterworks Marvel was released, I immediately went about trying to break it, sadly it's a bit harder to do in Standard, but I did discover one thing. The first ability of the card? It doesn't matter! That's right, all we're all about casting something silly off this card... Now what's the dumbest permanent we can summon... That's right... Emrakul's back!

So, for those who've been under a rock for an entire set... Emrakul is a gigantic world eating, interdimensional being in the MtG Multiverse that somehow went from one plane of existence all the way to a totally different plane.... AND WAS TRAPPED INSIDE A MOON. So what's so special about that? Well honestly... Nothing.

What IS special though is when you CAST Emrakul, you get to target an opponent, and steal they're next turn... Why's that important? Well, I don't think we can actually win with this deck, so I want to use BOTH decks to win!

So back to the marvel that is Aeherworks Marvel. When we get 6 Energy (a new sort of "mana" produced by about half our deck) we can tap it to look through the top 6 cards, and freely cast a card. Now hold on, I know.. So we get a free card to card, big deal... Well it is when we can flip over a stupid flying spaghetti monster to deal 13 damage to our puny opponents!

A quick run through of the cards:

1 drops:

Vessel of Nascency - Used to find stuffs.

Attune with Aether - Fetching Forests for days. Plus we get 2 Energy!

2 drops:

Hedron Crawler - 2 mana ramp creature. All it's there for.. I guess it can also reduce Emrakul's cost.

Sage of Shaila's Claim - 2 mana get 3 Energy. Plus it blocks!

Servant of the Conduit - 2 mana ge 2 Energy, plus it taps to add a mana of any color (Suprise we're naming Green!) for the small price of 1 Energy.

Woodweaver's Puzzleknot - Maybe the BEST card of our deck! 2 mana, gain 3 life and 3 Energy. Plus we can repeat that for 3 mana (one of which sadly has to be a Green source, because I can't make this colorless only)

3 drops:

Architect of the Untamed - Not only does it add Energy for us hitting land drops, but for 8 Energy we can start making 6/6's! (Only semi less exciting than 13/13 flying trampling tentacled beings.. Fun Fact)

Cultivator's Caravan - 3 mana mana rock, plus we can hit the road and punch some planeswalkers if we need to!

4 drops:

Aetherworks Marvel - Ahhh yes, part one of our combo. We land this we should be able to tap it that same turn.

5 drops:

Nissa, Vital Force - A lonesome planeswalker to help keep us alive, plus should we need to we can loop Emrakul's...?

13 Drop:

Emrakul, A Promised End - I swear, you cast tis, the game should end very quickly. Rarely will it be out of your favor.?


Aether Hub - Free Energy!

Geier Reach Sanitarium - Loot for whatever we need, when we need it... Also can use to make Emrakul's cheaper.

Perfect universe we'll go Aether Hub on turn 1 or 2, then curve into out Woodweaver's Puzzleknot, crack it (giving us... 7 Energy) then curve into Aetherworks Marvel, and finally Wheel of Fortune our way into Emrakul! Turn 4 Emrakul is the reason this deck was made, because I had a dream....

No. It was a nightmare. I imagined playing VERUS this monster at a tournament. I basically LOSE on turn 5...

Cards to keep an eye on for speculations:

Aether Hub (Foils) - This is certainly Modern playable... Maybe even more eternal!

Aetherworks Marvel - Krack-Clan Ironworks makes this card extra silly.

That's all for today folks, Hope you enjoyed!?