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UR Ascension Control

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Hello again readers,

Today we have a more interesting Control build for modern. Normally used as a combo piece, instead we're going to be calling upon the powers of Pyromancer's Ascension to... Control the game rather than storm someone.

The wincon is very simple: Burn them out, or have a Thing in the Ice swing em to death. If you can't manage that... Well, I don't think you'll be capable of winning.

The deck at it's core is actually very simple to play, you just try to get Ascension active ASAP, and then slowly grind out a victory. As I mention in the video, there IS an "infinite" combo of: active  Ascension, 2 Noxious Revival, and Manamorphose, a draw spell + Burn Spell. With an active ascension, you play Manamorphose get your trigger, then cast Noxious Revival targeting draw spell, draw said card(s) once Manamorphose finishes, play draw spell and then 2nd Noxious revival, then you put Manamorphose and Revival on top, and keep repeating until you have mana for any/everything. Then proceed to burn opponent out!

One thing this deck will suffer from is graveyard hate, as well as hexproofing. Lifegaining opponents don't overly matter, as we can theoretically go "infinte" on burn (see above 'combo'). Overall the deck is enjoyable, but may take a game or two to get the hang of. Sideboarding is a whole mess by itself, and it's not easy to figure out proper sideboarding quickly.

hope you enjoy!