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BW Servo

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Welcome back readers!

So here we are, getting close to our lovely release of Aether Revolt, and what does that mean? A new set, pretty cards, some sweet Gremlin-anteater hybrids? ... Well yes, but we also get a new Standard to work with!

Now that we've had the new bans set upon us (Emrakul, Smuggler's Copter, Reflector Mage), we can look at how to combat the format, and Revolt!

Now this isn't a tuned list at all, but just for a fun idea, here's BW Servo/Thopters.

As early as turn 2 your plan should be landing as many critters/tokens as possible, while holding Ornithopter for a Mimic, or a Stockpile to sac to.

Angel of Invention, Mettalic Mimic, Master Trinketeer are your decks "lords" (Creatures that give your others a boost), and Trinketeer can also produce his own servos as time goes on!

Once you get Marionette Master out however, your suiciding your artifacts ASAP and making your opp lose as much life as possible!

Anyways, this is just a simple deck idea for the start of the revolution, so enjoy!