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Abzan Hidden Stockpiles

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Hello Readers,

Our last meeting we started our Revolt with the machines, now we bring our our Hidden Stockpiles. This Abzan/Junk/WBG deck is aiming to outvalue the opponents and look great doing so.

Sadly, because we are a three color deck, and testing grounds are very sparce I can not promise that the manabase will be perfect, but I shall attempt a return to this deck a few events after the set releases!

The goal of the deck will be very simplistic: We want to out value our opponents, and I decided an... interesting way would be to use Clue tokens to our advantage. So I wracked my brain since the card Hidden Stockpile came out, because it felt like a perfect engine in the making, and needless to say it didn't take me long to go "Well I can pair this with Gitrog Monster" so there were eight cards for me to use, then I thought "Well, what about Tireless Tracker, he's still good right? Of course, he makes clues, plus he can also beat some face" so I went to twelve cards... Then I realzed I was in three colors, so I had to work to make sure I had decent mana so I went to more thinking...

So, twelve cards to work with, two different engines that can work together. I needed a way to really solidify that, so what do I do, I add in some Renegade Ralliers, if I can revolt them I not only get a permanent with 2cmc or less(Looking at you lands), I also get a 3/2 to chump/attack with! Moving from there, I realized I didn't need four Gitrogs, so I cut two of them, and added in four Blisterpods, they come out early, they can chump fast... plus they make a 1/1 that we get mana from. So now the decks starting to make a bit more sense, and I enjoy it, but still it's not settled yet...

First things first, for the manabase I put in Twenty black sources, Twelve White, and Fourteen Green sources. The reasoning is mostly: We want to have Hidden stockpile active as early as turn two, plus we want to also start getting Tireless Tracker's active. We have a total of five man lands, that are mainly to be used defensively, though given a game going long enough we could use them to win with as well!

Our Non-Creature package are simply the four Hidden Stockpiles, to have a renewlable engine. Then we have removal in Fatal Push, I'm still not sure how much removal we want/need. Our mana fixing is in the form of a single Prophetic Prism (we don't need more than one, and it's not a great draw to get), and four Attune with Aethers.

Our Creatures are somewhat synergistic: We have the four Blisterpods, four Tireless Tracker, three Renegade Rallier, and two Gitrog monster I've already talked about, plus four Deathcap Cultivator to further act as mana fix/ramp, plus if we hit delirium, we have a deathtoucher. Yahenni, Undying Partisan comes in as a two of to act a both an aditional sacrifice outlet, and a wincon. We also have two copies of Ishkana to act as defense, plus fodder for the Stockpiles, or we can pull the trigger and start draining life. We also have two Bygone Bishops to collect more clues and get closer and closer to end game. Finally we have one Herald of Anguish who will certainly be a rough card to beat, since he can come down turn 5 if we get some clues going, plus forcing our opponents to discard cards is great, and having a built in killspell isn't terrible either, plus it triggers more Hidden Stockpiles!

Onto the sideboard, for the most part our sideboard is simplistic:

  • Two Ishkana for when we want to stall out more.

  • Two Decomission for artifact/enchantment removal.

  • One Fragmentize for additional artifact/enchantment removal.

  • Three Transgress for hand disruption, for control and combo.

  • Two Lifecrafter's Beastiary beacause of the value it has and if brought in vs midrange/control we should get more value.

  • One Fatal Push just incase we need more indivual removal.

  • Two copies of Declaration in Stone, I'm not sure if this should be main, or bumped up to three or dropped to one. It's hard to say how bad it's needed. But mass removal of tokesn or a set of creatures isn't terrible. Also if somehow they have a hexproof version of a card in our deck, we can remove it!

  • Two copies of Yahenni's Expertise, so we can both clear off some of the board plus get a bonus or two out of the free spell.

So here we have the Stockpile to Revolt with, hopefully I get to update this further before Gameday incase some folks want a more interesting deck to play!

Enjoy, TheUndeadDwarf