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Welcome back readers!

Today we have an aggro deck based around an old idea of "One shot, One kill". The entire gameplan really boils down to attempting to kill someone with the combo of: Ravenous Intruder and Key to the City. Obviously you make Intruder unblockable and then swing in, and gobble up all the artifacts.

Talking about creatures we have 4 Ornithopters, which is mostly a 0 cost to trigger Reckless Fireweaver, a turn 1 1/2 with bone saw equip, or just something to eat with Ravenous Intruder. Following Ornithopter we have 3 copies of Inventor's Apprentice, which normally becomes a 2/3 as of turn 1 or if we really want to be lucky a 3/3 on turn 2. Then we have 4 Reckless Fireweaver's, our most defensive card but it's also an alternate win-con should we have to use it as such. Then we have our all star, the one, the only Ravenous Intruder. The gremlin looks all innocent until we have a board of artifacts, and then its suddenly scary to think of "Does he have lethal..." The answer is normally "Yes...".

We also have 3 Pia Nalaar's to act as a bonus sac outlet to produce more servos for Servo Schematic, or maybe we don't have a Key to the city and opponent has one creature to block our Intruder, well no longer! Finally we have a more interesting choice 4 copies of Sly Requisitioner. It doesn't do a lot, other than make our Gremlin kill more explosive. Suddenly our Servo Schematic turns into 4 total things to nibble up, or ornithopter can magically turn into a 1/1 servo, or it's a bonus triggering to Reckless Fireweaver should artifacts be destroyed.

Our only non-permanent spells of the deck are 4 Shocks and 3 Unlicensed Disintegration, just incase we want the removal, or we get to a place where burning opponent out is a thing.

As for all our artifacts, we have 4 Bone Saws to act as food, and ornithopter aggro. 4 Ornithopters, which we've covered. 4 copies of Implement of Combustion, which despite being 'weak' have some fun interactions, 2 mana shock an opponent and draw a card with Reckless Fireweaver, or it's 1 mana draw a card give +2/+2 to Intruder. One of the best artifacts we have is Servo Schematic, since it gives us a blocker or an attacker as well as produces a 2nd when it leaves. Finally the best artifact and key part of our combo: Key to the City. For the small price of discarding a card we make our little Gremlin unblockable and one shot someone hopefully (beware of Fatal Pushes!), or we can use it as a draw engine by paying 2 mana a turn and discarding something useless.

The deck is fun, runs off of very few lands, since 3 mana is generally able to win. I've won a few games by turn 4/5 with a few going to a max of turn 8. I think with a bit of editing, this could be a powerful deck, but for the purpose of Game day coming up for anyone on a budget, this should do you just fine! Just make sure you learn the interactions and learn to count the Gremlins boosts.

Sideboarding we have some hand disruption, some artifact removal, some "Nonflying creatures can't block" cards for those clustered boardstates, 2 copies of Lost Legacy to remove Fatal Pushes or other removal for the all in kill. The most interesting card I think for the sideboard is the 2 copies of Hope of Ghirapur, I'm not sure they need to be there, but I like them for some matches to stall them for a turn.

Hopefully you enjoy folks, TheUndeadDwarf