This article is dedicated to one of the most unique cards in all of Magic the Gathering: Kobolds of Kher Keep.

  1. To start, the artwork is just, amazing. I can't think of a single Goblin artwork that is better.
    Kobolds are better than Goblins
    I can only imagine the dialogue that happened here:
    WOC: Dear Julie: need some pathetic looking goblin-like creatures wearing pajamas
    Julie: Ok great, what is the budget?
    WOC: we can only pay you $8
    Julie: Great, well I have these left over crayons and some dirty watercolor water, I'll make something work!

  2. They are a FREE SPELL IN RED. These little Kobolds are pretty much as powerful as Gut Shot, except you do not lose life... There are no free Goblins
  3. They are a staple in some legacy Cheerios deck! Goblins to not know storm.
  4. Not overprinted, or reprinted. These little pajama wearing cuties have a single print run, from one of the most sought after sets in time, Legends. Hell did Goblins even exist during the time Legends?
  5. Kobolds wear pajamas and have sharp friggin' CLAWS, Goblin Guide can barely remember where he has been!!
  6. The card is a red spell and a red creature, at the same time, all while costing 0 CMC! I've seen goblins be black, and rouge, they don't stay true to their red roots, unlike Kobolds

Will a free creature spell in red ever be reprinted? I doubt it... memnite has nothing on these devilish pajama party Kobolds!