I wanted to share a very thought provocative statement from a redditor.

Bonus: Are we in a Magic bubble?

While it is hard to say if we are in a bubble I can tell you that it is unfair to compare the comic book bubble to Magic's situation.

The key difference between Magic as a collectible vs. comic books as a collectible is this: Magic is a collectible card game. Not only is MTG a playable game but it is also one with that elusive increasing marginal utility. Buying four copies of Tarmogoyf increases the marginal utility of a 'Goyf whereas buying four copies of Action Comics #1 does not increase marginal utility.

From a liquidity point of view, Magic is a much more liquid item than almost any other collectible. While there is no official 'exchange', there are proxies (e.g. TCGplayer and the price tracking sites like mtgstocks, mtgprice, echomtg and mtggoldfish) and actual trading sites like Pucatrade & Deckbox plus numerous forums like Reddit and QS that facilitate feedback on what Magic cards should be worth. This is a big deal.

The reason why Pawn Stars and Antique Roadshow-type programs are such entertaining viewing is because 90% of people collecting those items have NO idea how much they are worth. That knowledge is concentrated in the 1%. In Magic, the data is much more accessible and transparent.

Follow Up Material

Baseball cards as collectibles vs. Magic cards as collectibles is not comparable: https://www.reddit.com/r/mtgfinance/comments/3jkqfs/macro_the_fundamental_challenge_for_magic_the/ Specifically (replace comic books with baseball cards):

Have a read of this Wall St Journal interview with a roundtable of finance consultants that only serves to highlight just how different Magic is from most other collectibles: http://www.wsj.com/articles/SB10001424127887324662404578330651775508058