Hello readers,

I want to do another deck tech and all, but I'll be blunt, I'm both hesitent and lazy right now until after Mondays possible bannings. So instead of a deck, I decided I will share my opinions on the upcoming possible bannings, and prepare myself for all the outrage my comments will entail.

I'll be covering all formats, however I won't discuss "unbannings" because I could never be capable of prodicting that foolishess (Looking at you Golgari Grave-Troll, they thought you were safe huh? you showed them you dirty, dirty troll).

Lets start with the big shakeups of Standard Bans, which while I don't fully agree with them happening because there's times where Wizards clearly pushes something, and then if it backfires now, they gave themselves a fallback of "Oh well... Um... Our Testers missed it...". Not anymore Wizards! I'm onto your foolishness! "Lets wait for Collected Company to rotate out, THEN ban Reflector Mage because it's 'Too Opressive', LOL", or "Emrakul's clearly not a good thing in standard since it's near impossible to remove after it resolves..." Well, thats just a good bomb, and you clearly had some inkling as to the powerlevel... You made Mindslaver before!

Anyways, without further ado, let's start this report, for the most part this:

Felidar Guardian or Saheeli Rai

Felidar Guardian ORSaheeli Rai

Let's get this out of the way first. One of the two has to go, because with them in the format, as we see with 4c Saheeli (oh yea, the deck IS named after it), anytime after turn 4, the combo is 100% ready to come down against anyone foolish enough to tap out. That's not good for the format because it makes for some major restrictions on gameplay.

In my opinion, Feliudar Guardian should be the card banned, for a few reasons: One, it's not a financial loss for players, which will ease the unrest a bit. Two, it's possibly the more 'busted' of the two, as it affects permanents as a whole, whereas Saheeli is limited to only Artfacts and Creatures.

Saheeli as far as I'm concerned is much more of a fair card, and honestly a good thing for Control decks, so I would honestly be a little bit saddened to see her leave. Plus she forces one to be in two colors to even play her.

Scrapheap Scrounger or Gideon, Ally of Zendikar

Scrapheap Scrounger OR

Now stay with me here for a moment, I know I just jumped into my grave, but hear me out. Gideon as a whole is super oppressive, but I feel he's the weaker threat here, Scrapheap Scrounger on the other hand is the fugitive.

So let's back up to why Gideon is on this list. He's a 4 drop, that makes a threat with a 2/2, or automatically Ulitmates, thus giving creatures a boost, or he wait's patiently to strike out as a 5/5 indestructable thug! All in all, I don't believe him too much of a hassle personally, he's doing what a good 4 drop walker should do. He makes threats, and deals justice in pumping his dudes to kill people.

As for Scrapheap, it's just an obnoxious creature that's practically unkillable. Now thankfully, we've never had some foolish Eldrazi Scurge + Scrapheap Scrounger aggro plans, so you have an "endless resource" for Scroungers. In decks such as Mardu Vehicles, it's almost the worst threat you can see, since it can trigger on opponents end step to return, then swing in or crew a vehicle or what not. In any deck with Prized Amalgam it serves as yet another trigger for the card, which is already powerful without Scroungers being around.

These are the only four cards that I can see a combination of two total being banned, if any (I'd hesitate one of the Copy Cat combo almost has to be banned). Other cards I've heard people say need to be banned are silly things like Heart of Kiran (which I can somewhat see, for a similar reason to Smuggler's Copter), Winding Constricter to slow down the BG Counters deck, but I don't find that an issue as of yet, and finally Aetherworks Marvel, which I find is not an issue at all.

Now, let's look into Modern land, because who doesn't love ban season if not Modern players...

Theres only one card on my Modern Ban list Retract. It's the single most powerful spell in Cheerios, and absolutely aids in the turn 2 wins, which people say Mox Opals to blame, which is true... but by banning Mox Opal you're not just getting rid of a problem deck, you're also going to harm one of the most played decks of the format, Affinity... and unless Wizards wants a lot of annoyed players, I don't think Mox Opal will be banned... Yet.

Into Legacy land, I don't think theres any issues... but for Vintage, I feel Paradoxical Outcome may find itself restricted.

Hopefully the bans/unbans aren't too undifferent then I mentioned to avoi shakeups, but we'll see tomorrow...

So until next time, may you draw well and the cards in your deck remain unbanned. ThrUndeadDwarf