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Pauper Lantern

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Well, here we go, I've gone and got a list for Pauper that should never have seen the light of day, or atleast imagination... That deck's name is Lantern Control in Pauper. A minor disclaimer, this is not going to be as decent as Modern's Lantern Control since we have weird things called "Creatures". Also we aren't going to be doing anything as fun as using artifacts to mill the opponents, nor will we be able to consistantly see the top card as per Modern Lantern fame. Instead, we're going to filter the opponents deck for them.

So, what are we actually doing with the deck? Well we're playing a control/prison deck, which will include the combo of Myr Servitor or Sanitarium Skeleton and Thoughtpicker Witch to create a small sembelance of a combo of renewable exiling cards from the opposing deck. To protect ourselves, we're mostly going to be on the contorl route, and if we can get the opponents in a "drawing bad cards" situation, we can afford a few turns of safety for ourselves. In the offchance we lose a Thoughtpicker or Myr Servitor we have Unearth's to return them.

To search out the combo we have Trinket Mage to help find either an artifact land, or Myr Servitor or even Sylvok Lifestaff (our worse makeshift Ensnaring Bridge replacement!). We also have Thought Scour's to fuel Myr's or Sanitarium Skeleton's or to speed up the opponent deck filtering. To also hunt for combo or control elements, we have Preordain or heaven forbid, we can cycle Unearth's to get farther through the deck.

On the removal front, we have Stinkweed Imps, which can also be returned via dredging, so if we truely need to, we can Thought Scour someone and dredge our five cards to get an Imp back. We also have access to Tragic Slip which will remove almost any creature, except for those with hexproof or shroud, but it does beat Eldrazi's. Agony Warp's the final removal spell of the deck, and it may actually be one of the best removal spells, as it can harm two creatures, rather than just the one.

Sideboarding we have a few edicts, Two Diabolic so we have instant speed, and one Chainer's Edict which has flashback for more mana than we'd ever want to spend. Two copies of Duress come in for hand disruption while we have our only bit of countermagic, which if you want to play a bit on a budget could be removed for more Duress and such. Deck dependant cards are Nihil Spellbomb for any sort of Graveyard strategy, which can be searched via Trinket Mage, Echoing Truth is for token strategies, and finally we have Choking Sands for Tron or select three color decks. The final cards for the deck's sideboard are two copies of Wail of the Nim, which can be brought in to deal with elves and also search as a decent instant speed removal spell/board wipe, and also serve to regenerate our dudes should we need it.

All in all this deck is amusing, despite being a ultra control list with no backup plan. This is one of my personal favorite fringe pauper decks, because if it works wel, your always going to hear someone be sour about it... and should you ever get into the mirror, I feel bad for you.

Until next week, where we start the 3 weeks of Zombies, starting with Mono-Black Standard, then Modern, and Mono-Black in Pauper. After that is Standard 4c Fog, and then I shall begin a new series of decks! Hope you enjoyed this week,