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Legacy Enchantress

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Welcome readers,

Today we're going to delve into some Legacy. This deck'll be for people who love to draw cards, and have some interesting interactions, but don't want to play Blue. The deck we're gonna talk about? Legacy GW Enchantress.

So first things first, the deck gets it's name from two cards: Argothian Enchantress and Enchantress's Presence both of which deal with whenever your casting enchantments your drawing a card, or cantripping. There's also a new pseudo-Enchantress in Eidolon of Blossoms, which draws whenever an enchantment enters your battlefield.

The deck has a few ways of winning, by either Emrakul, the Eons Torn, Sigil of the Empty Throne Angels, or my personal favorite, the ol' "RiP Helm" combo (Rest in Peace, and Helm of Obedience).

What's special about this deck, and why I find it still has a shot despite being in a format competing with Leovold.deck now, is the ability to just randomly win out of nowhere, while also not being killed via damage due to the protection suite the deck has. The suite in question is: Elephant Grass, which makes everything cost one mana to attack, except black creatures who just can't attack period. Solitary Confinement is another piece of that suite that gives you shroud and a permanent fog effect, at the cost of you not being able to attack and you have to skip your draw step. The last protection piece is Sphere of Safety which makes it so your opp has to pay one mana PER ENCHANTMENT you control to attack, and with thirty maindeck enchantments it could lead to you never being attacked...

We talked about card draw in the deck, the win cons, the protection suite, but whats the rest of the deck do? We'll start with the singletons, we have Oblivion Ring is our catch all card, Exploration is to aid in our ramping so we can try winning faster, and Ground Seal as an extra bit of spice, plus it shuts off Snapcaster Mage/Surgicals and such.

Then we have all our ramp related cards in Wild Growth/Utopia Sprawl, as well as four copies of Green Sun's Zenith to either grab a Dryad Arbor on turn one, or grab an enchantress later on. Finally we have two Mirri's Guile for card filtering, and two sterling Groves for tutor effects plus enchantment protection as they need to destroy the grove first. The mana-base is self explanatory, but Serra's Sanctum is our version of Gaea's Cradle, and our Karakas can give us more turns if we require them via Emrakul.

As for the sideboard, I personally like having access to toolbox's for these sort of decks so I did just that. For creatures we have the fourth Elephant Grass, as well as Humility. For blue based decks (namely control) we have Choke to shut the islands off, Carpet of Flowers so we can out mana them, and City of Solitude so they can't counter our stuff. Spell based combo decks we have Runed Halo and Nevermore to name the combo card, and Gaddock Teeg, which is a fetchable way of slowing the decks down (looking at storm, as it shuts down Tendrills of Agony and ad nauseum!). For opposing Enchantment/Artifacts we have Seal of Primordium and two copies of Krosan Grip. Lastly for general protection we have Karmic Justice to tech them not to destroy our stuff, our second Oblivion Ring, and two copies of Suppression Field (make sure you crack your fetches prior to casting this!) to slow down some decks.

I hope you enjoyed the enchanting world of Legacy Enchantress, and if there's more interest in this, I can do a complete deck primer for the site as well!

Take care, TheUndeadDwarf