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Pauper Oops all Spells

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Welcome reader,

Today we're delving into Pauper, specifically a combo deck that is similar to a Legacy deck, named Oops all Spells. The deck today, this wonder Christmas day (sorry to people reading this that don't celebrate Christmas), we're going to unwrap Pauper's One Land Spy.

The goal of the deck is to fetch out your only forest, put it into play, and then cast a creature called balustrade spy to target and mill yourself completely. After that step, your casting a card called Haunting Misery to exile your creatures and kill your oponent. The deck has similarities to the glass cannon style of Charbelcher, as there's no way of beating counter magic.

So to start off, the mana of the deck. We have One Forest, four Tinder Wall, four Manamorphose, four Land Grant (to fetch the basic forest), four Wild Cantor, four Lotus Petal, four Dark Ritual, four Cabal Ritual, one Wirewood Guardian (again as a forest fetch card), four Simian Spirit Guide, and four Songs of the Damned.

So, in order to increase the odds of us winning early, we have the four Balustrade Spies, two Dimir House Guard to fetch out Balustrade Spy, then we have four Gitaxian Probes and four Street Wraiths to act as "free" draw spells. The other spells of the deck basically act as backup for us: four Conjurer's Baubles can turn into mana or the kill spell, Morgue Thefts can become Simian Spirit Guide (for mana) and Anarchist, to again, become the kill spell.

In the sideboard we have a fun little infinite combo: Blood Celebrant, Cavern Harpy, Gray Merchant of Asphondel, Pit Keeper, and Mnemonic Wall. The way the combo works is this: The main gameplan remains the same, except you dont need Haunting Misery, instead your winning via Gray Merchant (which is better against decks gaining life), so you return Pit Keeper to get Cavern Harpy, to rebuy Keeper to eventually return all the combo, then you keep looping Cavern Harpy, Mnemonic Wall (to loop Songs of the Damned) and Gray Merchant until your opponents dead.

Other sideboard cards are four copies of Duress fur control and other things, I have a copy of Drain Life which can end up being a better Haunting Misery or a second copy. Theres a Flaring Pain to avoid Protection from Black and such. Finally we have ways of removing artifacts and enchantments for mostly free: Reverent Silence gains opponent six life, while Ingot Chewers just cost one red mana.

The decks not perfect, but it's a blast to play when it works out. So with that, I hope you enjoyed the deck, and the weirdness of the deck.

Take Care, TheUndeadDwarf