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Pauper BG Sacrificial Blood

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Welcome Reader,

We're going to go to the world of Pauper for a rather strange take on aggro. As you can see, unlike most decks, it curves out at a whopping Two mana. All the creatures have the same strategy: Live to feed the others. This deck is also going to be the average control decks nightmare as almost every creature is a two for one in some way.

To start off we have our super creatues in Carrion Feeder who can eat his allies to grow bigger, and Mortician Beetle, whom I feel is the secret all-star since he was rarity shifted (from a rare back in rise of the Eldrazi to common as of Modern Masters 2017). Any time a player would sacrifice a creature, the beetle get's a +1/+1, which is a perfect combo with Carrion Feeder, who's always willing to eat to get bigger himself. Our last hungry little critter is four copies of BLoodthrone Vampire, who's going to eat guys for a momentary boost of strength, but could be enough for one turns worth o' killing.

For our value creatures we are trying to get as many two+ for ones as possible, in the form of Blisterpod, whom when it dies churns out a 1/1 Eldrazi Scion that can either sacrifices for mana or just chump/be eaten, we have our Young wolf who has an undying ability so as long as it's not exiled, or somehow gets a +1/+1 counter, returns after it's first demise to strike again. Our two drop all-star is Brindle Shoat, who became a common in Vintage Masters, and creates a 3/3 when he dies (which ironically is our strongest base creature!) , followng that we have Nest Invader which creates a 0/1 Eldrazi Spawn that sacrifices itself for mana, and finally we have two copies of Qarsi Sadist which can be some extra damage for a sacrifice effect.

The spells side is four Tragic Slips, which should normally be -13/-13's all the time, four copies of the better reanimate card of the format, Unearth. And fnally thee copies of Altar's Reap, which is both a sacrifice and a card advantage engine.

Moving to our Sideboard, which is filled almost completely with sacrificial creatues for different effects, leads off with three essense wardens for life gain, three spore frogs for fog effect, two caustic catapillers for our artifact and enchantment removal, two copies of Augur of Skulls for a discard effect (albit a slightly worse one) 2 festercreep for a boardwipe effect (giving everything -1/-1) and the final creatures in the sideboard are two Crypt Creepers for our graveyard hate cards. The final slot of our sideboard consist of a Chainer's Edict for the pesky decks with one or two creature win-cons as a non-targeted removal spell.

Hope this satisfies the hunger of a new pauper deck to add to your collection, Enjoy, TheUndeadDwarf