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Welcome Reader,

Today we're stepping into Pauper to look at an archtype that's normally disliked a lot, and that's the land destruction varient. However, Pauper has enough tools in it to make it workable, and have backup plans! Once the gameplan starts, it should be almost every turn we're keeping our opponents stumbling until one of our threats can finally deal the finishing blow.

Starting off, we're going to look at the creatures of the deck, and for one third of the deck being creatures, the selections pretty neat. We have four copies of Coiling Oracle to start for either ramp or card advantage, four Sea Gate Oracles to serve as defense and card advantage, four Mold Shamblers to start our permanent destruction, so long as it's a noncreature. Our twelve to sixteenth creatures are Mulldrifters for both a quick refill of cards or a flyng defense and finally we have four copies of Dinrova Horror's which is possibly one of the most annoying cards printed in the format, Bouncing any permanent and then forcing a discard, can even use it on ourselves if we have a useless card in hand and want to recast a Mold Shambler or Coiling Oricle.

Moving onto the other spells of the deck, we start off with a counterspell in the form of two copies of Condescend so we have the added effect of Scrying two cards. For mana fixing and ramp we have two copies each of Golgari Signet and Mind Stone, with Mind Stone being able to replace itself later on. Our three drop spells are a playset of Temporal Spring to make our opponents stumble, and a set of Thermokarst for straight up Land Destruction, and should it be a snow land it gains us a life! Finally we have a set of Mwonvuli Acid-Moss' to both cause some destruction and some ramp for us, should we still have forests in our deck.

In our sideboard we have a good number of answers to various cards, like our three Scattershot Archer's for the Delver decks, and other fliers. Our countermagic like Dispels and Hydroblasts come in a pair each, as well as our catchall artifact ad enchantment removal in Natue's Claim. Finally we have all removal spells in a set of DoomBlade and two Echoing Decay to combat smaller token abilities.

This deck is based around trying to outvalue and stumble your opponents, and from what I've seen of it, it can take full advantage of any stumble.

Hope you enjoyed, TheUndeadDwarf