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Demon Stompy

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Today we're going to the dark end of Legacy to look at one of the many diferent flavors of Stompy. Stompy decks generally try to race other decks with a combination of fast/cheap ramp, lock pieces of trinisphere / chalices, and finally get some effective creatures out and end the game. Using that system, each color has some version of stompy that works for it which also normally has a tribe backing, while black has Demon Stompy, Red has Goblins/Dragons, White has Soldiers/Angels, Blue has Sea Stompy and Green... just has powerful creatures and planeswalkers rather than tribal. Enough about them though, let's get into this deck tech!

So, because we're a stompy build, we need some way to outpower the opponents, so we mainly do that here with Chalice of the Void, Collective Brutality, Hymn to Tourachs, and Trisphere. To speed us up we're using Lake of the dead, Ancient Tomb, Chrome Mox and Dark Ritual. One we have a lock in place, we work on getting out our creatures. One cute little interaction we have is two swamps, and Lake of the Dead can produce the mana for Grave Titan without the use of a Dark Ritual, how it works for those unaware is: Swamp, Swamp, tap one for B, play Lake, sac the untapped one, sac the tapped one for 5 mana, so now you have BBBBBB which equals Grave Titan! Starting out Creature lineup of card advantage we have Bloodgift Demon, Phyrexian Rager, and Twilight Prophet. All of which for some life loss (or in Twilight case, life drain, as opponents lose life and we gain) we get access to more cards. Following that, we have Grave Titan, which is an amazing creature to control as without sweepers and a way of stopping it, he easily takes over a match. Finally we have Bane of the Living, which acts as our main board wipe. Umezawa's Jitte has role which I find interesting, as it using the life gain mode to keep us afloat, but also keeps fair creature decks slightly more at bay, so long as we can introduce our creatures to the opponent. Volrath's Stronghold makes it so we can grind out some longer matches if need be, however we don't have other utility in lands.

Sideboarding for the deck is slightly interesting, as we have our fourth Trinisphere and three Sorcererous Spyglass' for disruption purposes. Engineered Plague for those annoying tribal builds (looking at you Elves / Death and Taxes) as well as certain threat removal (like naming merfolk vs a deck with True-name in it). Then we have a small combo in the sideboard for the decks where we likely won't win due to creatures, so we bring in our four Leylines, and the two Helm of Obediences. Finally we have one Torment of Scarabs in the flex spot of the sideboard for additional harrassment vs control decks. For the most part, this is a work in progress, it's not anywhere close to finished but changes that need to be made, escape me at current writing time.

With all this said, farewell and thanks for reading, TheUndeadDwarf