xr Earthquake all Printings and Prices

Total Printings 24
Rarity Rare
Type Sorcery
Price Range 0.53 - 2199.9
Lowest Price 0.53
Lowest Foil 8.82
Highest Price 2199.9
Highest Foil 89.99

earthquake deals x damage to each creature without flying and each player.

Limited Edition Alpha

Earthquake from Limited Edition Alpha

Limited Edition Beta

Earthquake from Limited Edition Beta

Unlimited Edition

Earthquake from Unlimited Edition

Revised Edition

Earthquake from Revised Edition

Fourth Edition

Earthquake from Fourth Edition

Fifth Edition

Earthquake from Fifth Edition


Earthquake from Portal

Portal Second Age

Earthquake from Portal Second Age

Seventh Edition

Earthquake from Seventh Edition

Classic Sixth Edition

Earthquake from Classic Sixth Edition

Magic 2010

Earthquake from Magic 2010

Magic: The Gathering-Commander

Earthquake from Magic: The Gathering-Commander

Commander 2015

Earthquake from Commander 2015

Commander Anthology

Earthquake from Commander Anthology

Commander 2017

Earthquake from Commander 2017

Commander Anthology Volume II

Earthquake from Commander Anthology Volume II

Collector's Edition

Earthquake (CE) from Collector's Edition

International Edition

Earthquake (IE) from International Edition

Oversize Cards

Earthquake (Oversized) from Oversize Cards

Summer Magic

Earthquake from Summer Magic

Revised Edition (Foreign Black Border)

Earthquake from Revised Edition (Foreign Black Border)

30th Anniversary Edition

Earthquake from 30th Anniversary Edition

30th Anniversary Edition

Earthquake (Retro Frame) from 30th Anniversary Edition

Tales of Middle-earth Commander

Earthquake from Tales of Middle-earth Commander

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