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Card Trending Down in Value

Magic: The Gathering cards can lose financial value for several reasons. Firstly, reprints of highly sought-after cards in new sets can flood the market, increasing supply and diminishing the card's rarity. Secondly, shifts in the game's metagame and card bans can render once-valuable cards less desirable for competitive play, affecting their market demand. Lastly, card rotation in formats like Standard can cause cards to lose value as they become ineligible for tournament play, leading to decreased demand among players.

Cards shown here have dropped 15% or greater in price in the past 7 days.

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Tips on price drops

  • 1. Events that trigger drops: the card gets replaced in specific tournament deck, reprinting, or a banning.

  • 2. It may be too late to off load.

  • 3. Foils generally don't fall with the regular price, in some cases they maintain value.

  • 4. There maybe volume opportunity during a drop.

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