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Card Trending Upwards in Value

Magic: The Gathering cards can gain financial value due to several factors. First, tournament success and a card's utility in popular competitive decks can increase its demand and therefore its market price. Second, announcements of card bans or restrictions in other formats can lead to players seeking alternatives, causing the value of unaffected cards to rise. Finally, limited print runs of special editions or promotional cards can create scarcity, making them more valuable to collectors and players alike.

Cards shown here have Gained 15% or greater in price in the past 7 days.

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Tips on price spikes

  • 1. Events that trigger spikes: performance in specific tournament deck, speculation hype, or a buy out.

  • 2. If you have been sitting on a volume spec and it spiked, it maybe time to start offloading.

  • 3. If foil prices haven't spiked yet, 80% of the time they will. If you catch a spike early, a quick foil investment could be profitable.

  • 4. Opportunity to make on a spike is at most a 2 week window.

  • 5. Every card has a cap based on demand. There are some exceptions to these numbers, but here is a general guideline on the caps.
    Modern: common $4, uncommon $9, rare/mythic $90
    Standard: common $1.5, uncommon $3, rare $20, mythic $40.

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