Walker of Secret Ways

2u Walker of Secret Ways all Printings and Prices

Total Printings 3
Rarity Uncommon
Type Creature
Price Range 2.28 - 2.95
Lowest Price 2.28
Lowest Foil 10.99
Highest Price 2.95
Highest Foil 10.99

ninjutsu 1u (1u, return an unblocked attacker you control to hand: put this card onto the battlefield from your hand tapped and attacking.)

whenever walker of secret ways deals combat damage to a player, look at that player's hand.

1u: return target ninja you control to its owner's hand. activate this ability only during your turn.

Betrayers of Kamigawa

Walker of Secret Ways from Betrayers of Kamigawa

Planechase 2012 Edition

Walker of Secret Ways from Planechase 2012 Edition

Planechase Anthology

Walker of Secret Ways from Planechase Anthology

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